WhatsApp Video Call: How To Video Call On WhatsApp

How to make a video call on WhatsApp… WhatsApp allows group video calls upto 8 participants and up to 50 using Messenger Room

WhatsApp is one of the most popular messaging apps available on the playStore. With 2.7 billion active users, that platform is one of the most used in its category. Famous for text messaging, Whatsapp includes a hell lot of feature packeted. From, accessing it from the web, to Whatsapp video calling. Sharing stories and a lot more. So, today we are here to discuss these great features of WhatsApp. In this article, We will learn How to Video call on WhatsApp.

WhatsApp Video Calling Feature

How to Make Video Calls on WhatsApp
How to Make Video Calls on WhatsApp

The video calling feature was first introduced in India in 2016 and now WhatsApp video calls are commonly used and it has a huge user base. The feature requires an Android device to be running on Android V 4.1 or later. Here, is a step by step guide to using the feature easily.

How to make a video call On WhatsApp

The process to place a video call is common for both types of OS Android, and iOS.

  1. Open WhatsApp → navigate to the chat with the person you want to call.
  2. Tap the camcorder icon on the top right of the phone.
How to Make a video call on WhatsApp
How to Make a video call on WhatsApp

Alternate Method to make a video call

  1. Open WhatsApp messenger → Tap of the CALLS tabs or swipe right twice.
  2. Click on the add call button on the bottom-right corner → Go to the contact you want to call and tap on the camcorder icon in the right of the contact.
video call Tab on WhatsApp
Video Call Tab on WhatsApp

How to Receive A WhatsApp Video call

You can accept or decline the incoming whatsApp video call just like normal call.

If your phone is locked, the WhatsApp Video call Screen will pop-up, where you will have these three options.

  1. Accept the Call: This will accept the call and you will be able to see the caller. To accept the call, swipe up the camcorder icon.
  2. Decline the Call: This will cut the call. To decline the call, swipe up the call icon in red.
  3. Reply: This will cut the call and prompt the message window to reply with a quick message. To reply the call, swipe up the message icon in red.

If your phone is unlocked i.e. you are using it, you will see the incoming Video call pop-up and you have an option to accept or decline it.

How to Switch between Video and Voice Call on WhatsApp

If you receive a call on WhatsApp, you can switch it to another type easily. Here is how to,

Switch From Video Call to Voice Call

You can turn your video call to a voice call on WhatsApp if you wish to due to some reasons on internet issues. To Switch to Voice call from a video call, Tap on the Video off icon → another user will be notified → contact turns OFF video → call switched to voice call.

Switch From Voice Call to Video Call

You can turn your voice call to a video call on WhatsApp if you wish. To Switch to Video call from a Voice call, Tap on the Video ON icon → another user will be notified → contact turns ON video → call switched to video call.

How to Make Group Video Call

You can also make group calling on WhatsApp that can connect you on a video call of upto eight participant video call. For this, you can add new participants to your existing video call who will be added to your existing call.

When you receive a video call, you will see the screen with all current participants of the call. First one being the person calling you.

Make a Group Video call

A video call to multiple people or a group can be done from either the group that you have created on Whatsapp or by individually calling all participants.

How to Make A Group Video Call from Individual Chat

To make a Group Video call on WhatsApp from individual chat. Make video call of individual Chat by Navigate to contact → Tap on video call. This will make a simple video call.
Convert it to Group Video call by tapping on Add participant icon. Find people you wish to add to video call → Tap on ADD. Repeat to add more.

Make a Group video call on WhatsApp
Make a Group video call on WhatsApp

How to Make A Group Video Call from Group Chat

If you have group and wish to call all your friends of the group in one go. Follow these steps,

  1. Open the Group Chat.
  2. At the top right corner of your WhatsApp screen, there will be
    1. Two icons one for voice call and other for voice call if the group has 8 or fewer number of participants.
    2. One icon for voice calls if there are more than 8 participants of the group.
  3. If this call, if you have space to add participants then you can add more People.

How to Make A Group Video Call from Calls Tab

Your video call is easily accessible from the calls tab of the WhatsApp messenger. And You can make a group video call from there also. To make a group call using the calls tab, Go to calls Tab → Tap on New Call → Group call.

This is all about the video calling feature of WhatsApp messenger and how to make video calls on WhatsApp. Hope you find it informative and helpful. Also, comment on how this video call has helped you in the recent situation of COVID to get together with your friends. You can share it with them too.

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