WhatsApp to Offer In-App Purchases via Facebook Shop

In a conference yesterday (22-Oct-2020), Facebook made a big announcement related to WhatsApp. The application would be offering new services by the end of the year. These services include in-app purchases and hosting services which would add new e-commerce infrastructure across the company.

WhatsApp to Offer in-App Purchases

WhatsApp to Offer In-App Purchases via Facebook Shop
WhatsApp to Offer In-App Purchases via Facebook Shop

WhatsApp Messenger is a messaging application. It was acquired by Facebook in 2014 who has been planning ways to monetize the app. But has recently found a way to do it by selling via Facebook Shop. With a large user base of 200 million, WhatsApp has the potential of becoming a great marketplace for sellers and buyers. Seeking this as an opportunity to monetize WhatsApp, Facebook has made steps forward creating new features.

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Features that will be added to WhatsApp

The features of WhatsApp enabling its monetisation are :

SELLING PRODUCTS ON WHATSAPP (WhatsApp to Offer in-App Purchases)

Using this feature on WhatsApp, Businesses will be able to sell products to customers on WhatsApp which will require the use of Facebook shops. Facebook shops launched in May this year is just like an online store to sell products online.


One more feature introduced by Facebook is cloud computing. It offers its customers messaging service tools that give users the power to store messages on the Facebook server.

These features for WhatsApp by Facebook can be a game changer in monetisation. Also, these steps by Facebook will make it the biggest social media platform.

This is all about Facebook’s New feature that would be added to WhatsApp. Hope this new feature will bring great opportunities to small businesses. Also, share this information with your friends who might be benefited.

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