WhatsApp Gets 138 New Emojis: WhatsApp Update

WhatsApp Gets 138 New Emojis on Android, Spotted in Latest Beta

WhatsApp is one of the most popular instant messaging apps that is available on the web. It has a large user base and provides all basic features like message chat, story sharing, video, and audio calls. Also, to make the chatting experience better, WhatsApp has emojis and animated stickers (in the latest update). And after providing its users with the feature to share animated stickers, WhatsApp is seen testing a new set of emojis.

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WhatsApp Gets 138 New Emojis

WhatsApp update : 138 new emojis added
WhatsApp update : 138 new emojis added

As reported by wabetainfo, WhatsApp Beta version for Android is being tested with a new set of Emojis. The Facebook-owned app is going to add 138 new emojis for android in this update. These are mainly new variations for the old emojis. So, we will see only a small difference in these emojis. The changes are new color tones of clothes, hairstyles, and skins.

These new emojis give us more varieties to share. As WhatsApp users use a lot of emojis, due to large availability and adding new once will make the choice better. Also, we will express emotions and feelings through the message better.

List 138 New Emoticons for WhatsApp Android

I hope you finding this article on WhatsApp Update for adding 138 new Emojis for Android informative. Comment your favorite emoji which you use too often on WhatsApp and share with you buddy whom you will chat using these interesting emojis.

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