Vivaldi Browser Update: Pip and Windows Theme adopted

Vivaldi update adds Picture-in-Picture button for Videos, adopts Windows theme changes

Vivaldi browser has thrown a new update. This comes with some new features. The Vivaldi 2.11 is released for all Mac, Linux and Windows bring with it some new feature, the picture-in-picture mode button is now accessible easily. Also, the browser can now adapt the OS theme for Windows and Mac. There are a few more accessibility improvements and bug fixes.

New Picture-in-Picture Button

In the new update for coping with the advancements made by opera and firefox, Vivaldi also changes the interface for its Picture-in-Picture mode.

Vivaldi has added a PiP toggle button at the top of the video, saying that you are just one click away from switching to the Pop-out video.

In our first iteration of the feature, launching the window was hidden behind menus and extra click. Not anymore. Now enabling the Picture-in_Picture is more straightforward. A single click on a small video box icon displayed in the center of the video will launch it in the same movable, resizable, floating window you know and love.

By JON Von Tetzchner CEO Vivaldi

Vivaldi also adds a progress bar and buttons to the pop-out window.

OS theme adapting

In the new release the browser also adds a new feature to adapt the theme of the operating system. This means you can either select the theme of the browser of set it to adapt from the OS.

Download link for Vivaldi browser.

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