Twitter fully drops Internet Explorer 11 support

Now you cannot use on Internet Explorer 11

Twitter: microblogging and social networking service

Twitter is a social media platform that allows communication using Tweets. It was found on 21 March 2006 after which it gained popularity as one of the most used social media platforms with about 330 Million monthly active users.

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Though no one in todays smartphone and hi-tech gadgets world will be using internet explorer, but for some users who don’t use web that often and use Internet explorer to surf web and visit social media platform. Their is a bad new, no more twitter now.

Twitter fully drops Internet Explorer 11 support

So, Twitter is not supported in the IE 11 from now. It detects a user-agent change to IE11 by browser extension also and asks to disable them. So, if you use in your internet explorer 11 which accesses the older version of it, a message will be prompted by twitter say :

Twitter fully drops Internet Explorer 11 support
Twitter fully drops Internet Explorer 11 support

“This browser is no longer supported”

Please switch to a supported browser or disable the extension which masks your browser to continue using You can see a list of supported browsers in our Help Center.

This announcement has been made by twitter along with the PWA release notes.

Before this twitter could be used in IE11 but not all the functionalities of the site can be accessed using it.

List of Supported browsers for Twitter

On the Help Center of Twitter all these browsers support the modern version of the site.

  1. Edge
  2. Safari
  3. Chrome
  4. Firefox
  5. other Chromium/Webkit browsers – Samsung internet , UCbrowser.
Twitter supported browsers
Twitter supported browsers

This update is not good for user who used to use the older version of the twitter using the user-agent hack or extension. Doing this will now be show the twitter is no longer supported.

So, this is it about Twitter fully drops Internet Explorer 11 support. I hope you like this content and found it informative if yes please consider following us on social media.

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