Top free photo editing software 2019

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Top 10 free photo editing softwares of 2019

Uploading the best version of your photos on your Instagram account is very important in today’s world. Turning your photos to an amazing picture which can make your friends jealous of your Instagram account or making your product image pop up into the eyes of your customers and make them buy your product. This always needs good editing of images before uploading them. Producing high-quality images that are catchy need a great photo editing software. What if you don’t want to invest or you don’t have the budget to buy a professional photo editing software that can do the work for you. Well, there are a lot of free photo editing softwares available in the market that can do the job for you.

Out of all these available softwares figuring out which one is good for you, is a very difficult task. So, we have tested all the softwares and brought together to you list of best  free photo editing software of 2019. You just have to go through this article and see which features you want and which of the way you can handle using and making professional looking images.  There are softwares that are free but only offer an unlimited section of tools to use from or please a watermark on your final images and ask for a subscription to remove that. The tools listed in this article do not have any source limitations. You can use their full version without any subscription required. Here are softwares for all users from noob editors to professional photo editors we list has something for everyone.

Top free photo editing software 2019


GIMP ( GNU image manipulation Program) is one of the best free photo editing software available. It has a vast variety of amazing professional tools that will make your photo a blast. It has a quite good UI mostly similar to adobe photoshop, so if a user has used photoshop he/she must love this software and find it easy to use. GIMP comes with a whole lot of tools that you will love to use and can make your images look fabulous. Tools like   customisable brushes,  layers,  filters and image enhancement available for you at zero cost.

One of the major profits of using GIMP is it’s open source and free. Also, the community of users and developers are making it better by extending its utility, adding new plugins.

Download GIMP now


As its name suggest it was initially developed as a substitute of Windows paint. But, now it has added many advanced features that make it an ideal photo editor for small tasks. It has a paint like interface but has her whole lot of added tools to adjust contrast, hue, saturation, curve, etc. It is simple to use in comparison to other complex editors like GIMP, Photoshop, etc.  and also has some advanced features to make your image look beautiful but is not as photoshop.

Download Paint.NET now


Free photo editor that is better when used as a filter changer or image enhancer because it has a lot of filters that you can apply on your photos and make them social media ready. Fotor is a very handy tool it provides you one-tap enhancement for your photos. But,  this software lags when you need an advanced feature like cloning. It also has some ads but it’s zero cost compensates for that. So if you want to enhance your photographs instead of editing them Fotor is a perfect tool for you.


Pixlr is an online photo editing tool available for free to its user. Its Interface is moreover like Photoshop or GIMP which is familiar to use. It is among those free online tools that are powerful and you don’t need to install them on a system. You can even change the pixlr interface if you want. It supports layers, masks,  history and other elegant tools that are available on any of the advanced photo editing software. One of its plus points is that you can use it online by logging it from anywhere and you do not need to load your system with a heavy photo editing tool to do advanced stuff. Its difficult to use interface as one of its minus points,  beginners will find it difficult to use.


Another online photo editing tool, ideal for making media posts,  posters, cards, etc. It is not an advance tool but is good if you want to do simple editing and making images for regular posting. It has nearly 10,000 templates to choose from for making promotional stuff. It also gives you 1GB of free storage to save your work online for making further changes. It can basic photograph editing tools like effects, contrast, etc. You can buy it’s premium version for $12.95  a  user for a month. This version gives you unlimited storage and access to stock images which can be very useful.


A free to use simple Looking photo editor,  that dugs up to rather advanced photo editor with some professional features like Image splitting and merging,  creating animated gif,  some features for drawing images( illustrations). The user interface of Photoscape is a bit clumsy and does not have each of the features revealed and ends front page but has sections that contain features you just have to explode them through your menu.  this photo editor s for the beginners who need a quick exposure to the editing world and edit some of its images and do stuff like changing saturation Hue of the image or making some small GIF’s . 

Adobe Photoshop Express

A Browser-based version of one of the best photo editing software.  Adobe Photoshop Express is a simple photo editor that does not have any of advanced features that you expect in Adobe ’s software.  You can even use it on your mobile or Tablet. This software is helpful when you want to change filters of your image for uploading them to Facebook. One of the major drawbacks is it does not support layers. But it is with amazing to use advanced filter that Adobe software provides you. And If you are a beginner or finding app to make your photograps insta ready, this software is for you.

So, here are the top free photo editing software available in 2019. We have tried and tested each of them and made this list so that you don’t have to take the headache of finding the best tool. All softwares are good and efficient in their work. ButIi personally recommend GIMP for offline purpose and Canva for online usage. If you know any other software please let us know in the comments section. Also, mention which of these software are you going to use for your photo editing task. You comments encourage use to write more and work hard to help you.

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