Top 5 Technology Trends in Education

Technology has taken space in every walk of life be it healthcare, infrastructure, or education. More recently, there has been an uprise in the use of technology in the education sector.

Technology, has hence is and will revolutionize the complete way of schooling and education that was being followed through many years. Here, we talk about 5 recent trends that the world is witnessing in terms of educational institutions.

Technology Trends in Education

Top 5 Technology Trends in Education
Top 5 Technology Trends in Education

1. More focus on data-driven insights

More focus on data driven insights
Focusing on Data driven insights

With more focus on data analytics and big data, teachers can now determine many important factors of student’s performance. For example, Using the insights they can readily see in which area-specific students need more support. It can be personality development, extra-curricular, or any specific subject. Analyzing these teachers can then provide the necessary support.

Teachers can keep track of chapters completed, time taken by students to complete the project, etc. The results can be evaluated online and thus, teachers can develop personalized action plans to improve students’ performance. Parents can get instant access to student’s result and work on the improvement of his/her performance.

2. Online assessment techniques

Online assessment techniques - Technology Trends in Education
Students Can Now Do Online Assignments

Gone are the days when students had to go to school to give exams. The educational institutions are adopting online assessment techniques. This enables students can give their exams sitting home. Also, Results can be declared faster and more accurately.

With the help of online assessment taking techniques, the examination system would be altered and simplified as well as reducing the overall time for the evaluation process. For the evaluation process, the answers can be compared to model answers. This will make the result more accurate.

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3. Any-time learning courses

Online webinars and study material
Virtual Courses Enabling Learning on the Go

Thanks to technology adoption in the education sector. Academics are available outside the school hours. Students are being provided with digital courses, webinars, and workshops to enhance their skills.

If a student misses a class, then he can cover up by attending recorded classes. Students can also download lecture notes and refer to them whenever they need to. Overall, the inculcation of software and tools that promote any-time learning are paving a new path towards digital education.

4. Chatbots

Chatbot application

Chatbots are AI-driven technology that can help solve queries of students on a 24*7 basis. They can save educational institutions a lot of administrative costs. Chatbots have several applications in higher-level institutions. And they can be used to solve questions regarding scholarships, education loans, admission process, admission criteria related queries, fee-related queries.

Adoption of AI technology like chatbots will increase in the coming years. And Chatbots can handle common Student queries on an instant basis.

5. Use of AR and VR

Use of AR and VR -  Top Technology Trends in Education
Augmented Reality in Education

Augmented reality and virtual reality technology are being used to give the students of real-life experience rather than providing them passive learning. With the help of this immersive experience, students can understand and learn the concepts better. So, this technology enables learning by doing. Studying with the help of AR and VR would engage the students in a better manner. And take them towards practical learning instead of rote learning.

Increase usage Of Technology Trends in Education

The use of these technologies will increase in time. Especially taking account of the COVID-19 Pandemic situation where students are into online classes and examinations. The usage of technology will increase. The more people become comfortable with these new-age technologies, the more they can derive advantage out of them.

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