How To Stop ‘Who To Follow’ Suggestions and Trends In Twitter

– Block Personalised Suggestions In Twitter

Twitter! being a social networking site alway ties to improve user experience by making the application personalized for the users. For this, in twitter, there are trends and follow suggestions that are based on people who you follow and locations of your post.
Till the previous versions of Twitter, there was an option to stop ‘Who to Follow’ suggestions and trends in Twitter using the ab block extension named UBlock Origin with its Block element feature but in the newer version, this is not possible with the previous settings.

Twitter Without Distraction

To use your Twitter without the distraction caused by these things, we have tried something and found a solution that uses the ab Block only. For easy of users, we have tried it with different themes and browsers.

This time in your twitter account the blocker with display a blank screen at the right sidebar of the twitter UI instead of the suggestion section of Twitter. This will stop ‘Who to follow’ suggestions and trends in Twitter and replace it by blank with the screen.

How to Block Suggestions and who to follow on Twitter

stop 'Who to Follow' suggestions and trends in Twitter
How to stop ‘Who to Follow’ suggestions and trends in Twitter

The general option available will not work for the dark theme but there are filters that can be applied to disable this section. You can use the Ublock Origin with proper function support on Mozzila Firefox, Google Chrome, Vivaldi and Chromium Edge browsers. To make use of this feature follow the following steps:

  1. Open the Ublock Origin adblocker dashboard in your browser. To do this click on UBO icon -> the last icon to navigate to the dashboard.
  2. Go to My filters and type in this command ~ *
  3. Click on ‘apply changes‘.
  4. Reload your Twitter webpage and sign into it, here you will see that there are no suggestions.

This filter is also supported by other adblockers too. Just apply the same command in the filters of that blocker too. But I found The Ublock Origin quite good and have and it does my work to stop ‘Who to Follow’ suggestions and trends in Twitter quite effectively.

So that all about removing this suggestion section from your twitter account. Hope you like it, you can also get some amazing information from our Facebook page, so do follow us on Facebook and Instagram.

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