How to stop Whatsapp from using phone Storage

WhatsApp Storage usage
How to reduce whatsapp storage usage.

WhatsApp is one of the most used messaging app available on the internet. The Facebook-owned instant messaging application is a goto application for sharing locations, videos, images, documents, etc. All these files have been building huge chunks of data in your phone’s storage. If you don’t clean up your system periodically this can be an issue. Stoping WhatsApp from storing excess data in phone storage is very important.

Users need to clean up their phone storage regularly to make it work effectively. There are steps to clean your memory but WhatsApp files will again load up your system storage. So, a permanent solution is to stop WhatsApp from using excess phone storage.

How To Stop Whatsapp from Eating smartphone storage

Using WhatsApp in your smartphone and sharing files with it increases the number of files stored in your phone. These files store huge chunks into your smartphone that can slow it down a bit. To remove files from your WhatsApp folder is one of the solutions but is a temporary one. To make sure that this problem is solved permanently you need to change some settings in your WhatsApp messenger.

Step to stop Whatsapp from using phone storage

For Android

  • Open Your WhatsApp Application.
  • Tap on the triple-dot icon on the top-right corner of the application.
  • Tap on Settings => Chats.
  • Toggle OFF media visibility.

For iPhone

  • Open Your WhatsApp Application.
  • Tap on the triple-dot icon on the bottom-right corner of your application.
  • Tap on Settings => Chats.
  • Toggle OFF save to camera roll.

If you want photos to be stored in your storage but some annoying groups or people who share irrelevant images and videos. There is a method smartphone users can follow to stop media storage for selective chats.

For Android

  • Open your WhatsApp => Open Chat
  • Tap on triple-dot icon on the top-right corner.
  • Tap on view contact => media visibility.
  • A pop with “Show newly downloaded media from this chat in your phone’s gallery”.
  • Choose No

For iPhone

  • Open WhatsApp
  • Tap on setting in the bottom right corner
  • Go to data and storage usage settings
  • Choose from when to automatically download media and choose never.

These are a few steps that can help you reduce the load on WhatsApp memory. Ultimately these steps help you smooth working of your smartphone. Stopping WhatsApp from automatically download will allow you to make a decision that which file needs to be downloaded on your smartphone. This is a small tip that can help you reducing data usage and also stop WhatsApp from eating up your smartphone storage.

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