Microsoft Edge new Update! Windows Spotlight Lock Screen Picture on New Tab

New Microsoft edge users now will get new look screen wallpaper to their new tab, using spotlight. the new update with Spotlight Lock Screen Picture on New Tab, lets users enjoy new images daily.

Microsoft Edge new tab images from Spotlight

New Feature! Windows Spotlight lock screen picture on New Tab for Microsoft Edge

Microsoft is using the same spotlight like feature for its Microsoft Edge browser, it shows a new picture to the Edge’s new tab page. This feature needs to be activated in the tab setting by an option known as “Image of the day“.

Spotlight in Windows 10

Spotlight is a feature of Windows 10 which shows pictures and ads to the lock screen of your PC. These pictures are downloaded from Bing and are displayed on the lock screen of Windows 10 OS.

You can enable spotlight that can change the lock screen of Windows 10 with a new image daily by setting -> Personalization -> Lock Screen.
here, you will see an option under background select Spotlight, this is will show a preview of how the screen will be displayed.

Get amazing spotlight images

To view the spotlight image for your systems lock screen background you can lock it by using Windows Key + L

A New Tab Image Daily

Microsoft will start showing you images for your new tab. These images will change daily. If you don’t like an image, you can tell by saying “not a fan“. This will change the image immediately to a different one.

In some times based on the images that you flag as not a fan, Windows will create a list of an image of your interest and then show images based on your interests. Spotlight will show you Wallpaper, ads, bing images, fun facts, etc to the lock screen of your windows.

If you install the new Microsoft Edge, it will start showing spotlight images. These are images are based on your interest on spotlight.

This is all about the new update on Microsoft’s new Chromium Edge Browser. This information about “Windows Spotlight Lock Screen Picture on New Tab” on edge is good for user who wish to update their browser to a new one.

Some more information about Edge :

This is all about New update of Chromium Edge. I hope you find this content informative. Please share this with your friends and inform them about this new feature of Microsoft edge that will make their browsing experience amazing.

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