Social Media Trends To Follow In 2020

Social media has become an important part of our lives. Give us a spare moment in a day and we start browsing Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, you name it. This has led businesses to utilize these platforms and now their strength is not just how their performance is as compared to their competitors, but also their social media presence. Through social media, they can reach and influence a wider audience. That’s why staying updated on social media trends is vital. So here’s a list of 10 social media trends to follow 2020 to keep you ahead in the game.

Social Media platforms-rising popularity

Social Media Trends To Follow In 2020

1. Stories: Real-Time Activity

Instagram stories and Snapchat stories are probably the most well-known examples of real-time activity on social media. These short interactive videos are becoming popular because they are fast-paced and to-the-point. It is a big contrast to the YouTube videos which sometimes give unnecessary information and are not direct. These Stories can also be used to show behind the scenes content of your new music video or your latest workout video. Posts can also be made interactive with the help of Questions and Answers, polls, etc. Their availability for 24 hours makes them exclusive and the users following you can be a sneak peek.

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2. Social Commerce- Selling through Social Media

Social commerce will become something that the social media platforms encourage and push more mainly to retain audience by keeping them engaged. Who doesn’t want to buy the latest nail paint or the latest utility gadgets available in the market? It is also a win-win for the business. Now, you don’t need to exit Facebook and got to your browser to type in your favorite brands when they sell everything on their Facebook page. Instagram on the other hand, has allowed businesses to sell directly on the app.

Selling products through social media-example

3. Live videos: On Facebook/YouTube

Your best bet on social media is to go live. Live videos are a good way if you want to reach and engage your audience. You can go live on multiple platforms also. You can shoot live videos being on concerts, cricket and football matches. This will increase your followers and audiences’ interest in your posts. We also, allow users to communicate with you and you can respond to their questions and queries.

4. Jobs through social media

Nowadays, many job portals are also utilizing social media to promote their services by posting job openings and internships daily. One such interesting example of this is the portal named “the job man” which publishes new openings everyday on social media platforms like Instagram and Telegram. This way seeking job has become much easier as you get opportunities in your feed daily!

Jobs through Social Media-excerpt

5. Content-based on user activity

Companies are now utilizing Data and Analytics to target their audience based on their behavior. “Provide the people what they want” is becoming their motto. This involves analyzing their everyday choices and what they stop to view. Do they like watching tutorial videos, interviews, cooking videos, or memes? Customized content can then be generated for the users to enjoy!

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6. Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is another great trend being followed by companies to sell their products in a less costly manner. It has been a buzz word for quite a while now. Influencers are role models for certain communities and the audience looks up to them. These people are the most popular choice for the brands for selling their products. The audience is more likely to purchase the product that the influencer recommends. This is indeed a hybrid of celebrity endorsements where famous celebrities used to promote a brand.

7. Polls, surveys and Questions through social media

These days social media is not only about popularity and likes but also engaging customers with a conversation. Because People love sharing opinions! Using chatbots to communicate is also a good way to increase engagement. There are many software available on the web to create a free bot and put it on your Facebook page. You can have FAQs and share them with the users.

8. Utilizing niche platforms like Pinterest, MusicLinkUp and Reddit

The niche platforms include the lesser-known platforms but with whom you can reach out to the target audience. For years Instagram and Facebook have dominated people’s attention but now, social media platforms like Pinterest, Reddit, and MusicLinkUp (Linkedin for Musicians) is also occupying users’ life. Another example, Twitch has gained the attention of the gaming community. They are indeed good tools to develop a good following. So, investing in a niche is going to give you a better Return On Investment.

Niche social media platforms
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9. User-generated content

The newer generations and younger customers prefer word of mouth marketing from their friends or other users using the same product they are looking for. In this way, social proof is going to be more and more important. Hence, it is important for the brands to come up with such user-generated content and also influence their users to publish such content. Companies now understand that it is very important to interact and develop relationships with the customers.

User generated content-example

With the increasing reach of smartphones and more and more people joining social media, it is becoming important to be active and increase your social media reach and engage with the customers. Nice social media platforms like Reddit, Pinterest can also be utilized to reach the audience in a better manner. With the help of these given trends, you can actually put less effort and accomplish much more. It is important to realize that Content will always be the king!.

So, you can become a great influencer or increase your business in 2020, you need to check all these social media trends of 2020 and follow atlest four-five of these. And

No matter What content is King in social media

Do things that are trending, users tend to consume these trending content easily. So, do comment on what are the trends you are following to make your business grow on social media. Also, share with your friends to make them benefit from these tricks.

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