How to send reminder emails based on dates in Google Sheets?

Wanting to send an email to someone on a date or a specific time is one of the biggest headaches. I personally forget to mail people scheduled for a day and then remember it later. one day when I missed an important mail and then while searching for a solution and found this method and thought it is worth sharing. So, here I am with “How to send reminder emails based on dates in Google Sheets?”

How to Send an Automatic Email Reminder from a Google Spreadsheet

How to send reminder emails based on dates in Google Sheets?

List all the tasks, assignee, and therefore the deadlines during a Google Sheet. Add Reminders will process the sheet and for every row. The reminders that are going to be sent on the date mentioned consistently with the settings made.

Step 1: Use Google Sheets for reminder

How to add reminder in Google Sheet
How to add reminder in Google Sheet

In the Google Sheet, start the add-on from the menu bar Add-ons > Add Reminders > found out / edit reminders.

Step 2: :List Tasks

List all of your tasks, maturity and therefore the email Ids of the team members in each column. When you opened the reminders in an empty Sheet, the add-on fills some data for you as an example.

Step 3: Add reminders

Click “add a replacement reminder” in your Google Sheet and choose the options:

The Deadline column – This are the columns where only the dates are shown as options here. If your column of the Google Sheet isn’t shown, then check if you’ve got a singular heading. Within the first row for the column and check if there are dates within the column.

Adding replacement remainder

  • Send reminders – you’ve got the choice to send the reminders a while before/after of your Google Sheet.
    For example: Choose 2 hours before. The emails are going to be sent 2 hours before the deadline.
  • Recipient options – Choose your recipients
  • Notify me – Check this feature if you would like your email id. To be added within the TO of the e-mail.
  • Notify people in – Check this feature in your Google Sheet and choose the column containing the e-mail addresses.
  • CC people in – Additional choice to include people within the CC of the e-mail sent. Check this feature and choose the column containing emails that ought to be added in CC of the e-mail.
  • Customize the emails sent – Click thereon to open a panel as shown below:
  • Subject – Add a topic of the e-mail reminders sent (Max 250 characters). Example: Add Reminders alert
  • Add the spreadsheet link to the e-mail s sent. Choose this feature if you would like the spreadsheet link to be added inside the email. Sometimes, it’d be difficult to trace which sheet sent the reminders if you’ve got more Google Sheets.
  • The Email body – Then add a free text to the body of the reminders email sent. You’ll use HTML tags in your email as shown within the screenshot above.

Click Done: In the sidebar, click “Done” to save lots of the reminder.

Step 4:

You can close the sheet. At last add Reminders to the Google Sheet will run every hour and checks every row.

using google Sheets for mail  reminders

That it this is how you can set reminders based on email and never miss and of your emails.

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