Restore Old Google Images Layout In Chrome and Firefox with this Extension

Google Images, a popular image downloading platform has a new User Interface rolled out on 6th August. This design of the search results of Google Images is for desktops system. The new design displays the selected image in the right panel of the on the page. This right panel remains fixed when you scroll other sections of the browsers window, i.e. the left panel. This is made to reduce the user effort on comparing the images.

OLD VS NEW Google Images Layout

The old google images layout was standard layout which displayed the selected image along with some related images in the panel which opens below the clicked image row by pushing down the rest of the rows. This panel is scrollable and shows the images with related images in the panel.

Google Images old UI
Google Images old UI using restore old Google Images

The new Google Images Layout is a simple and a bit more of purposeful User Interface by Google keep in mind the utility of the tool. The new version of Google Images prompts a right pannel when an element is clicked. This panel also has details of the image and is scrollable downwards to related images. And the left side contains the rest of the search results. Both of them are scrollable but separately. The left panel scrolls to the search results and right will contain the selected image and things related to it.

Google Images New UI
Google Images New User Interface

How To restore old Google Image UI

According to Google this new update of the Google Images will be very useful for its users. For shopping also the details like price, brand, reviews, availability, etc. This also provides you navigation buttons that will let you navigate to next and previous images of the related results.

This can be a really good tool which can be used to make your browsing more effective. But users may not get easily adapt to this UI and to easy there working there are extensions made for browsers that will display the old Google image UI in the browsers. So, Here is How to restore Old Google Images Layout In Chrome and Firefox with this Extension.

Google Images Restored Extension

This is an extension that changes the UI to the Old Google Images design. This will be similar to the old one with image focus and visit links but may not be exact same as the original one.

The developer of this extension writes “he has made attempts to make Google look and feel like it did before they changed everything on 6th August“. According to him, this one may have some imperfections and regular attempts updates and bug fixes of issues are promised.

Download Links To The Extension

This google image restored extension is an effective extension that can be added to your browser easily.
You can use this link to add it to your chrome.
Add Google Images Restored Extension to Chrome
Add Google Images Restored Extension to Firefox

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The above link will direct you to the browser store’s page where you can add this extension to your browser. After adding it will be added to the browser and on reloading you google images you will see the old UI.

There is a Github link too if you wish to view the source code of the extension. Using this you can change the UI of your google chrome. This will make you’re working more effective.

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