Microsoft Edge 86: Reload sites in IE Mode

Microsoft is continuously adding new features to its Browser. Like removing unwanted suggestions and a lot more. To make the Edge browser popular and as strong as Google Chrome is developers at Microsoft are pushing new features with every update of the software. This time they are up with reload sites in IE Mode.

Microsoft Edge: Internet Explorer (IE) mode

This mode is currently being tested in Microsoft Edge Canary 86.0.580.0 or later. And this will probably be available in the next stable release of the browser.

The developer team has updated that IE Mode or Internet Explorer mode is for Enterprises and not for end-users. The IE mode opens a list of legacy sites in Internet Explorer.

How to Reload Sites in IE Mode

reload sites in IE Mode in Edge
reload sites in IE Mode in Edge

In Edge Canary, the IE mode is toggled OFF by default. But is ready to use and can be toggled ON from the settings. And then you can reload sites in IE mode in your Microsoft Edge Canary version.

How to Enable IE mode In Edge Canary

You can easily turn ON the feature in settings by doing the following steps:

  1. Start Edge Browse → Settings.
  2. In the right tab click on Default Browser.
  3. Now, EnableAllow sites to be reloaded in Internet Explorer mode”.
  4. Go to the website → Menu → More tools → Reload Internet Explorer mode.

After this your Edge will show the IE favicon (icon of internet Explorer) and says “You’ve entered Internet Explorer mode. Most pages work better in Edge”. Their be a button next to this which will show Leave option. And then a link to learn more.

On clicking the leave button, you will be navigated back to the normal Edge browser. We are just hoping that this feature might be released in the stable update of Edge as developers don’t think it is useful for end-users.

But this was an interesting feature that is available for use in Microsoft Edge and I thought that it would be good that you know about this Reload sites in IE Mode feature. We share a lot of worthy content on our social media platforms too. So, please consider following us on social media

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