Redmi Note 5 Pro gets Android Pie Based MIUI Update

Finally, One Year after the release of Android Pie, Xiaomi Is up with an update of Android Pie For its MIUI. Now, Xiaomi’s Redmi Note 5 Pro gets Android Pie Update. The MIUI update patch will include Android Pie version for the smartphone.

Redmi Note 5 Pro gets Android Pie Update

The update of MIUI came for the smartphone in August 2019. The update size is 505 MB for the Redmi Note 5 Pro devices, and this update is up in Indian servers between 18-23 August. Users can download and enjoy these new features of the smartphone.

What’s New In This MIUI Update?

There are lots of customizations and performance optimizations in this Android pie update for Remdi Note 5 pro. Let’s see the changelog of MIUI update

Changelog in the Update

Lock screen pocket mode Optimized.
Increased system security with android security patch of August 2019.

New lock screen clock that can be customized.
Notification screen up fixed.
Media volume can’t be restored after receiving a notification.

Wifi network fixes.

Game turbo call handling optimizations.

How To Download

By 25 August you must have got a prompt to update your smartphone, but if you haven’t got it and want to update your smartphone now, you can do it manually by following these easy steps:

  • Open settings in your Smartphone.
  • Tap on about phone -> System update.
  • Tap on check for updates if an update is available then click on download option.
  • Let the download process completes, an install notification will be prompted. If you wish to update now (your smartphone will take 10 -15 mins to update and you will not be able to take call in that time) click on update now.
    You can other options too to update your smartphone later.
  • Your smartphone will automatically reboot on completion of the update and will take some time to get all set up done for you to enjoy this new update.


Now, you can choose between three types of clock positions in the MIUI lock screen in your Redmi Note 5 Pro. Once you have updated your smartphone, you can change your lock screen settings. To customize the lock screen clock position, follow these steps:

Settings -> System & Devices -> Lock Screen & Password -> Advanced Settings.
Now, click on Lock Screen Clock format and select from the available three options of the clock’s appearance. You can select from Centered – Left aligned – vertical clock position.

Note-5-Pro clock alignments
Note-5-Pro clock alignments

This is one of the major visible change in the smartphone other optimizations can be felt in the smartphone that makes your smartphone more optimized.

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