Realme X vs Redmi K20
Realme X vs Redmi K20: smartphone comparison and battle.

So, guys finally Xiaomi has released its flagship killer Redmi k20 and k20 pro. And final now users can buy this phone online at sales. Both the phones are amazing and killing. But a tough competition to K20 is the Realme X, a smartphone with almost all features of the K20 and availability at a lower price.
So let’s check which phone is better in this comparison article. So, here is REALME X vs REDMI K20.

Both the smartphone are released in the market recently this month and people are continuously going on comparing these smartphones. So, today we are here to make the difference more clear and show you the best smartphone of the two.


K 20 and realme X are considered to have good value for money. A since there launch both are compared with each other. Based on critics and popular tech bloggers including technical guruji have stated, saying the k20 an overpriced one.

Comparison between k20 and k20 pro

FeatureRealme XRedmi K 20winner
Screen Size6.53 inch6.39 inchRealme X
Processor Snapdragon 710
2.2GHz octa-core (2×2.2GHz + 6×1.7GHz)
Snapdragon 730
1.8GHz octa-core (6×1.8GHz + 2×2.2GHz)
K 20
Camera16MP (Front)
32MP + 5MP (rear)
20MP (Front)
48MP+8MP+13MP (rear)
K 20
Storage128 GB
8 GB (RAM)
128 GB
realme X
Screen Resolution1080 X 23401080 X 2340Tie
PPI394 PPI403 PPIK 20
Battery 3765mAh4000mAhK 20
Price₹ 19,999₹ 23,999Realme X
Value for moneyrealme X

Based on this comparison hope you would have a clear view of which smartphone to buy. This comparison is of the top-end version of the smartphones and they are a cheaper version too.
I also think the same k20 is a bit more expensive.
This is because lesser people are interested in buying a Xiaomi smartphone for such a high price.

Which Smartphone Is the Best

We cannot define any smartphone as a clear winner but according to be the REALME X is the better. So let’s dig in deep what can make a difference.


We need performance from our smartphone’s, fast application switching, quick navigation, seamless gaming experience all are our major requirements. May you be a gamer, or an excessive video making addict (‘Instagram model or similar‘ ), you need a smartphone that can do it all. Quick and elegantly.

So, which of these smartphones have better performance, let’s do the math and check it out :
The Redmi K20 comes with snapdragon 730 chipset and Realme X with snapdragon 710. Though the clock speed of Realme X is more but snapdragon 730 can outperform the other one undoubtedly.
Having the same RAM, both of them have a quite efficient optimization and are good at it.

BATTERY: Winner – K20

With such huge processing speeds and multi-utility of the smartphones and engages users to it for hours. We need a phone which can last longer, and we can work for a longer time without recharging it. The 4000mAh battery of Redimi K20 gives huge hours of work.

One more thing that creates a difference is the support for fast charging and charger provided by the manufacturer. A phone that charges faster is a good choice but no one bothers to buy a smartphone charger for fast charging support for good sums. So, here also there is quite a good competition.
The Redmi k20 comes with 27 W fast charging support and a 27W fast charger come with the phone. Whereas the Realme X comes with VOOC 3.0 fast charging support.

CAMERA: Winner – K20

Most of the smartphone users love to click selfies. Gone are those days when everyone had a camera to click pictures. Now, we have a smartphone that can become of a camera, videocam, recorders, music player and whatnot. User shares a lot of images and clicking these images is very crucial, when we need to have a cutting edge camera which can provide a high-quality image.
The clear winner for this is the K20 packed with a triple rear camera, primary camera 48MP and other 2 wide-angle and telephoto cameras of 8MP and 13 MP. Also, it has a better front camera of 20 MP with the pop-up mechanism.

VALUE FOR MONEY: Winner – Realme X

Although the Redmi K20 has got something more in every field as compared to Realme X, but these things are a bit expensive for 20,000+ Xiaomi smartphone. I would be great if the phone would be something under that mark. Xiaomi has emerged out as a smartphone company with mid and low range smartphone. So, people seem to be less interested in smartphones at a higher price.


According to me, both smartphones are best, I have used Realme X that my friend has bought but have not used the K20 yet. As it has been criticized since launch for being overpriced. And its sale as less as compared to Realme X

Other Options in Similar Range

It is not all other companies are too in the market with killer phones at the same price packed with some amazing features. Some are listed here :
1. Samsung Galaxy M40
2. Vivo z1 Pro
3. Poco F1
4. Samsung A50
5. Motorola vision one
6. Oppo F11 pro

This is all about which phone you can buy all from K20 and realme X. Both are great devices and its upon you on what is your usage and budget that will make a phone better for you.


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