PWAs Running Automatically On Startup

– Microsoft to make PWA’s Run Automatically on Windows Startup

PWA‘s are Progressive Web Apps that are lightweight applications that are able to run and interact in smartphones as general applications.

PWA’s in Windows

Microsoft is planning to make PWA’s more native in Windows 10. This will be extended to make PWA’s work like other applications installed in the operating system. You will be able to uninstall web apps too. Also, it will be displayed in taskbars. As a step towards the world of PWA’s browsers like Chromium Edge and Chrome have an install button in the address bar for websites that have PWA support. In some time, we will be able to see autostart options for the applications too, that will make it restart on starting the operating system.

The Chromium Feature

For Chromium, Windows is stepping ahead and contributing to the enhancement of the browser by making it able to run installed Progressive Web Apps automatically on All operating systems (Windows, Mac, Linux) on startup. Microsoft is now aiming to add a mechanism to process this auto start of PWA’s for its desktop platforms.

Microsoft now is planning to add a shortcut to access PWA from the startup folder of Windows. For this task some complex work is to be done: creating a registry key in Windows Registry.

When you do it after the update, on installation a popup asking for auto-restart will be displayed. this will add it to the startup menu.

Hope this information will be somewhat profitable to you. Also, Windows users will be seeing a lot of new features and changes in their operating systems creating it a better place to work.

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