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PUBG MOBILE LITE INDIA – top grossing smartphone in India

The Lite version of one of the most popular mobile game, pubg mobile has gained a huge audience in the first week of its release in India. The Pubg mobile lite version of the mobile game is designed aiming at the low-end smart devices. This game is a revolutionary step by Tencent game.

PUBG MOBILE initially was not available for entry-level smartphones with 1 GB or 2 GB of RAM, but the lite version of the smartphone has quite a good compatibility with these devices. And this special feature of the PUBG LITE made it top the google play store list of TOP FREE! games with 10 Million + downloads and that in just 5 days of its release. But it came on the top of the third day of its release.

Pubg Lite In India: The same battle

Pubg lite India release is up and some points that make the game most liked and become the top free game on the play store are :

  • Aims at low spec entry-level smartphones.
  • Runs comfortably on smartphones with 1-2 GB RAM.
  • Occupies less than 600 Mb of storage (491 Mb+ in-app downloads).
  • Pubg mobile has optimized graphics for lag-free gaming.
  • It has only one Map and has new guns added (rocket launcher).

For user without a high-end smartphone i.e. with RAM of 1 or 2 GB that do not support the original PUBG game. Tencent games launched a lite version of the game named ‘PUBG MOBILE LITE’, which supports these entry-level smartphones and works quite level without lag.
Because of this support for low spec smartphones it has gained huge popularity in games. It just three days of its release it has topped the list of top free games. That has crossed total downloads of 10+ million downloads on play store.

What you get in the lite package

Unlike the original version, it takes almost one-third space. But it has only one map – ‘Erangal‘. This game has all guns that PUBG MOBILE has and also support some new weapons like the rocket launcher. The game is free to download on play store. There are some in-app purchases of ₹75 to ₹4,000.
These purchases are for designer outfits, skins of vehicles, guns, etc.

The pubg lite is a good option for users with low-end devices who need to enjoy this epic battle royal game. Some major changes in the game are, there are only 60 players in the game, the time of the game is 15-20 mins. And the graphics are less, as it is for phones with low RAM. Rest the game is the same and you will have chicken Dinner too.

Let’s Play Together…

I play PUBG mobile version and like it very much. Have played the lite version its amazing and small one. You will have the same feel except for the graphics and lag that many users feel.

Comment which one you play and if you wanna play with me in any of them please mention your ID’s. We will play together and have a chicken dinner.

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