Pubg Banned? 47 Chinese Apps banned By Government

Pubg ban in India

The government of India is going to ban 47 more Chinese apps in June and has a list of 200+ apps that might probably ban Pubg too...

The government has recently banned 47 Chinese apps in India. After banning 59 Chinese apps in June 2020, in the view of protection of national interest and security. The list of 59 apps included some of the famous apps like tiktok, SHAREit, UC browser, etc. These apps were banned because these were taking personal data from the user’s smartphone and send it to the Chinese servers. Due to this, the Government banned them.

47 Chinese Apps banned

The exact list of 47 Chinese apps banned in India is not available as of now. But as per the news, these apps are getting banned for the same reason i.e. in the view of data privacy. And these many of these are lite-version of the banned application.

The exact list will be some available with the exact names of applications that are banned. Also, the government has a list of about 250+ more applications that are under observation. And if any of these apps are found to have issues within these apps, they will be banned too.

Now, let’s come to the big question IS PUBG GETTING BANNED IN INDIA ?

PUBG Ban in India

Pubg ban in India
PUBG ban in India?
GOVT. of India banned 47 Chinese Apps

PUBG is one of the most famous mobile gaming app in India. Also, India provides the maximum amount of users as compared to other countries, nearly 24% (175 Million) of PUBG are from India. So, if it gets banned in India it will be a great blow for the users and the company too.

But for banning PUBG a few things will be considered. All the apps that are getting banned have been coping user data and sending it to the Chinese server. But in the case of PUBG, data privacy cannot be an issue as it does not takes much of the permissions from your smartphone.

Also, apps that are from Chinese companies are getting banned. Here also PUBG is saved because PUBG is owned by Bluehole and is distributed by Tencent.

So, as of now PUBG is save (enjoy you CHICKEN 🍗 ).

So, this is an update related to the ban of some more applications in India. Stay tuned with us for more information on it. If you found this content worthy about the 47 Chinese Apps banned By the Government share this article. And comment your views on the PUBG ban in India.

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