Privacy Settings On WhatsApp: 2019 Update

Whatsapp has over 1.5 million users worldwide. As a result, this makes it an extensively popular app across different platforms. In spite, Whataspp remains an unsafe platform. Recently, the ownership of Whatsapp has transferred to Facebook. Facebook, infamously known for its immense security issues.

Meanwhile, an ordinary person springs into concern about what truly takes place. Could they do something to boost security?
Indeed, it is possible to tighten security. Therefore, the matter below provides answers to all the queries.

How To Enable Privacy Settings On Whatsapp

Privacy Settings

Firstly, start by going to “Settings” on your WhatsApp > click “Account” > click “Privacy”. From here, you can change your privacy setting and many more things that can make your account less accessible or stocked by other users.

1. Last Seen

Last Seen

By default, the Last Seen would be Everyone. Change it according to your will. It has three options:

  • Everyone: Everyone having your contact can see.
  • My Contacts: Only the person whos contact is saved in your WhatsApp can see.
  • Nobody: No one can see your last seen on WhatsApp.

That is to say; the feature shows your last seen timings to everyone, your contacts or nobody.
One more addition to this is when you hide you’re last seen from people there last is hidden from you too. This means you will not be able to see there last seen if you have hidden your last seen.

2. Profile Photo

Similarly, this feature also has three options to select. By default, it would be Everyone. The profile picture uploaded could be customizable. That is, you could choose who would see it.

  • Everyone: Everyone having your contact can see.
  • My Contacts: Only the person whos contact is saved in your WhatsApp can see.
  • Nobody: No one can see your last seen on WhatsApp.

3. About

This setting has three options similar to last seen and profile photo. By default, Everyone could see your About. It means everyone can see the details given by you in the about page of your WhatsApp. Additionally, when you send a message to an unknown number. In the foreground when they arent on WhatsApp in the notification your name appears.

  • Everyone: Everyone having your contact can see.
  • My Contacts: Only the person whos contact is saved in your WhatsApp can see.
  • Nobody: No one can see your last seen on WhatsApp.

4. Groups

Nowadays, WhatsApp groups are the trend. Even for the smallest detail groups are made. Hence, it is imperative to customize who can add you in a group. Likewise, this setting also has three options similar to last seen, profile photo and about. By default, Everyone could add you to a group.

5. Status

Status Setting

WhatsApp was the pioneer of the status feature. Earlier, there wasn’t any privacy setting for this. But now, it has three modes.

  • My Contacts
  • My Contacts Except
  • Only Share With

The status setting has accurate, customizable options. It provided features where you could share with selected people. Or, share with everyone except selected few.

6. Live Location

Live Location Setting

During installing the app, a pop-up asks if you want to share your location. If you don’t wish to WhatsApp or anyone to see your location, click no. As a result, by doing this, you can stop even WhatsApp from tracking your place from time to time.

7. Blocked

Blocked and Report Setting

For suppose, your receiving messages from an unknown number and it gets annoying. Using this privacy setting, you can block the number. After that, they cannot call or message you. When you go into the blocked setting a button called “Add New” could help you block the number. Even more, in a group or message bot scrolling down the info page will give you two options:

  • Report
  • Block

Furthermore, the report group/contact feature provides WhatApp Knowledge of spam or fake contact.

8. Read Recipient

When a message is sent on WhatsApp first, a single tick appears at the corner of the message. After that, a double tick appears. Furthermore, the double tick turns blue if the message is read. To avoid users viewing your read recipient this button should be turned off. Neither can they see your read recipient nor can you view theirs.

9. Screen Lock

Screen Lock Setting

A unique feature available in ios phones is screen lock. Here, depending on the time set by you, one can open WhatsApp only with Touch Id. Timings available:

  • Immediately
  • After 1 minute
  • 15 minutes
  • 1 hour

Security Setting

Security Setting

To increase security, WhatsApp has gone 1 step further by providing end-to-end encryption. That means neither WhatsApp nor a third party could read your conversation. With this feature, WhatsApp has made texting fearless. Whenever a contacts security code changes. By switching on the notification in this setting, you will receive a notification.

Two-Step Verification Setting

Two-Step Verification Setting

If you ever need to register the same phone number with WhatsApp again. By enabling this setting, it uses the two-step verification process for added security.

There are a lot of new things add to WhatsApp that will ease your work. You can have a look here.
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In conclusion, social media is a necessity in today’s world. But, it causes a lot more harm if not handled carefully. It’s more vital to be safe and secure than following a trend.

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