Chrome in Lite Mode to play Streaming Videos in Low Resolution to Save Date

Google is adding Lite Videos to Save More data in Data Saver Mode

Play Streaming Videos in Low Resolution
Play Streaming Videos in Low Resolution

There are a lot of changes and updates going on the web browser software from adding features from Removing unwanted suggestions in address bar to changing how PDF reader works. All these are working for better user’s experience and optimizing usage. Adding on one more feature in its lite mode to play Streaming Videos in Low Resolution to Save Date.

Lite Mode to play Streaming Videos in Low Resolution to Save Date

Google for its web browser chrome is bringing a new feature ‘Lite Video’ for its Lite mode to save some extra amount of data by playing streaming videos in low resolutions. This feature is available for Chrome browser for Android ( and Windows, Mac, Linux, and Chrome OS). Basically, the Lite Video optimization will help users to save more data while streaming by asking media players to use lower bitrates for Lite Mode users.

Lite Video

Lite Video is a data saving optimisation that simulates low bandwidth conditions by throttling media responses, to allow adaptive MSE Video players to lower resolution and consume less data.

So, this feature is added to the Chrome 86. The feature is getting added to chrome which asks media players on websites to stream media at lowest resolution possible when the user is using the Lite Mode for their browser.

How to enable Lite Mode to play Streaming Videos in Low Resolution to Save Date

The feature is available for Google Chrome on Windows, Mac, Linux and Chrome OS. But is not available for the user and is behind the flag in the Canary.

To Enable LiteVideo optimisation is your browser follow the following steps:

Step 1: Launch Google Chrome.
Step 2: Go to Chrome://flags and search Lite and enable Enable Lite Videos and Force LiteVideos Decision.

Enable LiteVideo
Enable LiteVideo options

Enable Lite Videos will enable LiteVideo optimization to throttle media requests to reduce data usage.

Force LiteVideos Decision will force LiteVideo decision to be allowed in every tab and navigation.

There is no lite mode for computers. But for Windows 10, a metered connection setting is available that can save data.

More on Chrome Lite mode: Chrome’s Lite mode to sync with Android’s Data Saver Mode


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