Mozilla is adding Picture in Picture Feature on Windows with Firefox 71

Picture in Picture mode For Videos

The picture in picture mode for Firefox browser has been tested by the Mozilla team in it’s beta, nightly and dev version to support this feature in Windows operating system. The testing that is being done since the past few months will not be out for usage, the organization’s development team is up with the new that this feature will be available to use in Firefox 71.

The feature is available in other popular web browsers like Chrome and Chromium but these browsers use a web API that is available for usage. But the development team at Mozilla didn’t want to rely on the API for the implementation of this feature. So, the developed a UI for PiP mode for their web browser firefox which enabled the PiP feature in a more versatile and better way. This PiP mode in Mozilla firefox enables the user to play a video in a separate pop-up window that can be moved anywhere.

 Picture in Picture Feature in Firefox
Picture in Picture Feature in Mozilla Firefox

Picture in Picture mode in beta versions of Firefox.

The new UI for PiP mode can be used in the beta versions of Mozilla firefox. That is needed to be downloaded separately from this link.

How to Enable or use Picture in Picture mode

In this version, you can use the PiP feature now,

  1. Visit a website that supports PiP like Youtube and play the video of your choice.
  2. Right-click on the videos two times, a list will be displayed. From the list choose “Picture in Picture” option. Alternatively, you can click the blue rectangular button that appears when you hover over the video.
  3. Done now your video will appear as a pop-up window that you can drag anywhere on your screen.

How To get back or Exit Picture in Picture window

You can exit the picture in picture window by using the controls that are available in the PiP window. It has several buttons that can be beneficial to the user to navigate through the videos and go back easily whenever required. Though there are only 2 buttons and a progress bar but for PiP these are enough. The usage of each PiP button is :

Play/Pause Button: This button is used to play or pause the video while in the PiP mode.
Back To Tab Button: This button is for the user to navigate back to the original window.

These PiP toggle buttons can be manually hidden from the toggle window by hitting the right click and choose the option to hide from the list.

Availability of PiP mode in Mozilla

The latest version of Mozilla Firefox i.e. Firefox 71 will be rolled up with Picture in Picture mode feature for Windows operating system. And according to the developers, they are working on the feature for other Operating Systems like Mac and Linux and will bring then when the software will be ready and up to the quality standards.

They have tweeted this on twitter which confirms that the update will be out soon.

A tweet From Mozilla

What to Learn more about this happening for Windows, Visit

This was about the new feature that is up in Mozilla Firefox. This might sound like you would have seen this type of feature or are using so what new. But the PiP in Mozilla is a whole different experience due to the new PiP window that pops out.

Hope you like this article and the new feature. Please mention your views on this new version of PiP that to be provided by the FireFox.

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