Opera Gets New Update, The Vidio pop-out With Navigation and time features

Opera updates Video Pop-Out with Next Track and Timer features

Opera mini recently came up with its now and advanced features for the picture in picture mode.

Opera Browser

The opera web browser is a cross-platform application for surfing the internet. The chromium-based web browser was the first one to come up with this picture-in-picture mode or video popout to its desktop browser.

It works by adding a small window containing videos you are watching. this can be placed anywhere. As of today, almost all browsers support the picture in picture mode via one of the other means.

New Features – Added Buttons to the Pop-out video tab

The new dev version of Opera gets some more advancements to its PIP mode. You can create a small window in the browser that contains the video you wanna see. This will be an overlay that can be used even when working with applications too. This allows us to watch videos while working on other applications

New Feature for PIP mode in Opera mini
New Feature for PIP mode in Opera mini
Image Source: https://blogs.opera.com/desktop/2016/04/opera-beta-update-video-pop/

Prior to this version, the available features were back to tab button and volume control keys. but in this new version, Opera has updated this feature and added two more controls for the ease of the user.

now, the user can change to the next track and see the video timer also in the pop-out window. This is a good as some times navigating back to the browser is not a good experience. This feature is an excellent step to create an easy to work environment for the user.

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