New Waterfall theme for Window 10

– Microsoft releases new fantastic waterfall theme for windows 10

When it comes to adding new themes and customizations, Microsoft always comes up with new themes and personalizations. It has released its a new theme with a 4K wallpaper pack of waterfall.

Stunning Waterfall premium
Stunning Waterfall premium Theme for windows 10

This premium theme is released by Microsoft recently is now available for its users to download from the Microsoft store.

The premium theme named “Stunning Waterfalls Premium” is a set of 19 4K HD images of waterfalls. The theme is featuring multiple images of landscapes, forests, waterfalls over mountains, and onto beaches from china. These are exclusive wallpaper and no other audio enhancements come with this theme.

For the theme to work properly and effectively the system needs to be running with the latest Windows 10 version 14951.

To install the theme visit the Microsoft Theme store.
Then Go to Settings > Personalization > select the Theme > click on Apply.
Optionally you can set the accent color (from the personalization page) to be detected from the wallpapers.

There are other themes on the theme store that premium and elegant.

These premium themes can be downloaded from the store and set to create an elegant look for the system. I feel these wallpaper are quite good and setting the theme will give you an amazing feel of the system.

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