New Update for MalwareBytes 4 in 2020

– Malwarebytes 4 launches its First update in 2020
Malware Bytes version 4.0

A few days back Malwarebytes has released into a new update for Malwarebytes V4 which is now available for download and usage.


If don’t know about Malwarebytes and are new to it please follow us, Otherwise, you can skip this section.

Malwarebytes is an anti-malware software available for Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS. It was first released in 2006 and now is work on version 4.

Malwarebytes Version 4

Malwarebytes recently update it to Malware bytes V4 launched in November 2019. The new update cam with a new redesigned user interface and a new scan engine named Kanata to deal with zero-hour threats.

It’s an antimalware software that destroys malware from the depth and safeguards your system. There are processes like anomaly detection, application hardening, behavior matching that make it a powerful software program.

Malwarebytes UI for Mac
Malwarebytes Version 4 UI for Mac

The latest version of Malwarebytes is version and the new component update was v1.0.793.

What’s New?

The current update on malware bytes has some new changes and a few bug fixes. According to a post from eric from team Malwarebytes, the following are changes made :

What’s New in component update :

  • Enhanced Web Protection
  • 64-bit UI
  • Improved ARW and AE detection
  • Miscellaneous UI improvements

Bug Fixes and issues addressed :

  • Fixed: MBAMInstallerService crashes on W7 in certain circumstances
  • Fixed: Infinite MBAMInstallerService loop  in certain circumstances
  • Fixed: Windows Security Center option not honoring restore defaults button under certain circumstances
  • Fixed: Windows Security Center shows a notification that Malwarebytes and Defender is off after Activating License
  • Fixed: USB drives not being ejected under certain circumstances
  • Fixed: Failed to avert Installation on ARM-based systems
  • Fixed: Miscellaneous UI defects

These all are the bug fixes in the new version of Malwarebytes version It can be downloaded from here :

Malwarebytes is quite useful software for thread protection of your OS, you can try it. Also, if you like this article show you love in the comments section and also share with your friends who can be benifitted from this info.

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