Mozilla Firefox 68.0.2 update – Outlook’s print bug fixed

New Update with fixed Outlook’s printing issue and much more

Mozilla released its new version of the firefox 68 version to overcome the drawbacks of the original version released. After the original version of Mozilla firefox was released there were some changes to make it stable, the first revision 68.0.1 was released on 18-July-2019 which provided some major patches that made the browsers more stable. Now, the second Mozilla firefox 68.0.2 update version released is released today (06-August) to that fixes some major issue from the latter one.

Mozilla Firefox 68.0.2 Update

Mozilla Firefox is one of the known browsers on the internet. With good community support for the browser is great. Recently in the 2nd quarter, the browser has released its new version. Since the release, there have been to stability updates for removing bugs in the browser.

Firefox Search Bar Bug

Mozilla has found a major bug in its firefox search bar. The browser’s search bar had a bug that eliminates the use of some special characters. For example, if you search ‘program examples on c#‘, then the search will be for ‘program example on c‘ in the search bar. This bug is actually created due to a feature that firefox provide to easy searching.

In Firefox the characters “‘*’, ‘^’, ‘#’, ‘$’ ” are reserved for use by the firefox special browsing feature. This feature was introduced in Firefox 66 to improve search results functioning by searching them on. In Firefox, you can search for results in Bookmarks, history, page titles, webpages. Each with one different special character.

Due to this Firefox removes them from the search box. and replace the results with special search results. This makes these special characters inefficient for usage in general browsing.

Fixed In This Update

As per this updated of Mozzila Firefox is concerned, there are some minor fixes but the major one is the ‘issue with Outlook web’. In the web version of Outlook loaded in Firefox. Email printing has a bug, on Outlook web if you print any email then only the header and footer are printed, not the contents of the email message.

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List of Bug Fixes

  1. The special character now will be working only if used in start and if used at the end they will not be removed. Now, the special character works as a special search only if used at the start.
  2. The issue with the font of the website is now removed and any font can be loaded using the URL.
  3. While printing the Email for the Outlook, now the content is also printed.
  4. Some other minor UI fixed and adaptability changes.

The exact changes will be available as soon as the release notes will get offically released for Mozilla Firefox 68.0.2 update.

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