Microsoft released a new video tutorial for Windows 10 users To Learn To Use the Xbox Game bar

Video Series on Xbox Gamebox
Video Series on Xbox Gamebox by Microsoft

Microsoft always comes up with new utility tools for its users and makes there usage easier and elegant for them. Small tools and services that make the user experience a bit better are regularly being added to the latest operating system of Microsoft, Windows 10.

Recently Microsoft has added the Gamebar in Xbox to record gameplay. As users where find it a bit difficult to understand how to use this new feature. For there users convenience Microsoft released a new video tutorial for Windows 10 users to learn to use the Xbox gamebar on Xbox youtube channel. They created this video to help users understand the Game bar utility tool better.

This release was intended to make users aware of this amazing feature that they provide. Microsoft’s aim is to create an audience for the Game bar which was not as popular as it should be amongst the Microsoft Xbox users. This feature from Microsoft is one of the most underused features that have the potential to become one of the great things, so Microsoft has made a step forward in investing in this feature to catch eyes of its potential audience.

The Windows Game Bar

Windows game bar is a software designed to optimize the gaming experience of the users. It can easily take screenshots and videos of the gameplay for the user. It is a revamped feature in Windows 10 that gives an option to open the game mode. This game mode applies some setting to your windows that make your gaming experience more smooth, fast and better with fewer lags and more reliability.

Microsoft has added some new features to this software to make your game experience on windows 10 better. Some features of the new version of the Microsoft gameBar are facelift, live video recording, live Xbox chat, CPU optimization.

Microsoft’s New Video Series For Game Bar

The new video series launched on Xbox youtube channel help you learn most of the feature of the game bar, using them to change your gaming experience on your Windows 10 PC. This series contains 4 videos for its users to learn and understand the game Bar. This series will introduce you to all essential features and functions of Windows 10 Game bar.

Let’s see what each video bring for its users :

First Video: Looking For Group (LFG)

The first video is based on LFG (looking for group) feature of the game bar. This allows you to chat and play with other games of the same game. It allows you to chat them while playing your game. You can create your own group of gamer to play with and have fun.

Second Video: Customisation and Spotify

This section introduces you to the widgets that users can get in the Game bar and use to enhance your gaming experience. Also shows that it has support for Spotify.

Third Video: Capture and share

This section introduces you to capture screenshots and videos on the Game bar. Also, features like text overlay, customizations, etc are elaborated. There is also an option to share your image on twitter and game bar on Xbox.

Fourth Video: Social Feature

This section introduces you with the connect feature of your game bar. With the game bar, you can chat, view games and visit their profiles easily with the game bar overlay.

Other content on the channel

Microsoft Windows 10 game bar developers have created a few more videos on the game bar. that elaborates gameplay and other tiny bits that can enhance your gameplay experience on Xbox using Gameplay.

This series is just a comprehensive introduction of the Game bar to the users, but cover a handy introduction to the feature of the software.
In a developers meet, the team quoted ‘We’re in the early stages of our journey and the updated Xbox Game bar experience is just the beginning’ which means there is a lot more to come from there side and the Game bar would be a software to keep an eye on in the coming year.

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Based on these things, it is expected that Microsoft might be launching one series on Game bar soon. This series might elaborate on other new features and usage of the game bar. There are no fixed schedules on what they are going to do with the new Game Bar but the things show there is something good coming up this year.

Do you still play computer games? if yes then mention which game have played last. And in Windows 10 have you ever tried to use the game bar feature. Also, comment down your experiences with the game bar.

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