Microsoft Edge Vertical Tabs gains a Keyboard Shortcut

Microsoft Edge browser has recently got a new feature of vertical tabs which is unique for the windows made browsing software. This feature is used to improve tab management. And taking a step ahead in making the software more user-friendly Microsoft has added a new keyboard shortcut to the feature.

 Microsoft Edge Vertical Tabs gains a Keyboard Shortcut
Microsoft Edge Vertical Tabs gains a Keyboard Shortcut

Features of Vertical Tabs

  1. You can hide the title bar.
  2. The browsers has reorder tabs.
  3. Allows the user to drag and drop links and text to open in a new tab and resize the sidebar.
  4. The Edge browser has a build-in setting to hide and unhide vertical tabs.

Keyboard Shortcut For Vertical Tabs

Microsoft Edge browser has the feature of vertical tabs active but the introduction of tabs actions menu in the browser has made access to vertical tabs a bit difficult. This lets the development team at Microsoft introduce a keyboard shortcut to turn the vertical tab feature on and off.

ctrl+ shift + comma(,)

This new shortcut for vertical tabs is updated in Microsoft Edge Canary build 93.

This new update of Edge will soon be rolled for all users soon. Hope you find this update on Edge useful and this article informative. And if it adds values to your browsing experience, drop a ❤️ in comment and share it your friends.

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