Microsoft Edge rolls out Lookalike URL suggestions

Microsoft Edge v82 enables Chrome’s Similar or Lookalike URL Suggestions

Microsft is heading towards making its Webbrowser Microsoft Edge a better place to surf the internet with. Though it is facing challenges with Google’s “use chrome pop-ups” but is not stop making Edge better.

Now, Microsoft is going to release the lookalike URL suggestions for its users and by default enable it as Chrome does to safeguard its user from spammer and fishing. In the next part, we are covering the similar URL suggestion for users who don’t know about this feature, you can skip this section if are familiar.

What is Similar Or Lookalike URL Suggestions?

The simular or Lookalike URL suggestions as the name suggest is a prompt that pop-ups when user wrongly types the URL and is going to a differnt site that is similar to a famous one.

It detects the URL and check if it exists or not, and then using your browsing data detects if there is a website you visit. And then it propmts the user to navigate the popular website instead of the current page showing a notification that this page might be suspicious or not safe.

This type of similar website is generally made by hackers and spammers to steal your private information if you visit these sites. To safeguard users from such threats Edge is not prompting the lookalike site notification.

For promoting the user with correct site Edge search the URL on bing search engine like chrome uses Google to search for the same.

This feature will be by default enabled in the Microsoft Chromium Edge version 82.

The tweet from edge developer Eric Lawrence conforms the same.

EricLawrenceTweetOnLookAlike Feature Edge
LookALike URL Suggestion in Edge

This is all about the new feature of Microsoft Edge which is getting better day by day. For more about information Edge and Chrome,

Share this information with your friends to safeguard them from this spammer and hacker, this information is important for online data safety and you should know it.

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