Microsoft Edge: removing unwanted address bar suggestion

Microsoft Edge is getting the option to remove unwanted address bar suggestion using mouse click

removing unwanted address bar suggestion in Microsoft Edge
removing unwanted address bar suggestion in Microsoft Edge

Stepping on the footsteps of Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge is also providing its users this new option. The option to remove unwanted address bar suggestion is shown in the dropdown bar using the close (X) button using the mouse click.

Address bar suggestions

Microsoft Edge is showing the address bar search option. This option shows the suggestions in the address bar taken from bookmarks and history and changes as you type.

You can delete these search terms by selecting them and then pressing Shift+Delete button to remove it.

But in the current version of Chrome, this is not required instead there is a close button with every address suggestion. This similar option is now available with Microsoft Edge Canary and dev version and will soon be available for the stable update of Microsoft Edge.

Removing Unwanted Address Bar Suggestion Using Mouse Click

unwanted address bar using mouse
Unwanted Address Bar Using Mouse In Microsoft Edge

In the next update for the Edge, the suggestion in the address bar will have a hover ‘X’ button. This button will be used to delete the suggestions and after clicking it, the suggestion will not appear again in search bar.

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