Microsoft Edge QR Share Code without Dino

Microsoft Edge No longer showing Dino in QR Share Code

Microsoft Edge is a popular web browser developed by Microsoft replacing the Internet Explorer as its default web browser. It has started getting popular and has a user base of nearly 4% and growing.

Microsoft Edge QR Share Code

The latest version of Microsoft Edge Dev and Edge Canary is being tested for a new update for the QR share. The QR share Code that was used to share the web address. You can be scanned to using camera to access the websites. Earlier the QR share Code used to have a dino (black and white dinosaur which you might have seen web the net goes off).

Microsoft Edge QR Share Earlier
Microsoft Edge QR Share Code Earlier

Microsoft Edge QR Code is no longer showing Dino

The latest version of Microsoft Edge Dev and Canary no longer show Dino in QR Code. The Dino in the Edge will be replaced by a full QR code, But now Microsoft is thinking to remove it.

Currently, this feature is flagged under the flag “Enable sharing page via QR code” for all Browsers backed by Chromium. After enabling it, you can share the QR code of the website. To create QR code for a page, visit the page → right-click → select “Create QR code for this page“.

Earlier the QR code contains the Dino image at center and you can access the web page by scanning it. But in the current update, the QR share code is removed dino form the QR code.

You might have been familiar with the Dino game that you play in google Chrome when you internet connection is not good.

Updated QR share code in Edge
Updated QR share code in Edge

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