Microsoft Edge Android Version comes with Customizable New Tab Page

The new Microsoft Edge for Android will get a new feature of creating a customizable new tab page. Just a new day before the stable release of Microsoft edge’s new version it’s adding more features to the browser and making it better and more compatible for its users.

Just after the new menu designed for Edge on Android, Microsoft has added a new feature of customized New Tab Page with its newly designed menu maned hamburger. The redesigned tab page is like the one in Microsoft Chromium Edge Desktop Browser.

The new Tab Page

The new tab page is redesigned to ease the work of users and create a custom browsing window. There are options like focused, Inspirational, Informational, and custom for getting customized browsing environment.

A week before the launch of the Edge’s stable release, the browser has offered syncing options for users from their old to new Microsoft Edge browser.

The current version of Edge with a redesigned new page tab layout with settings for Focused, Inspirational, Informational and custom options. the version set is which was last updated on 02-Jan-2020.

What’s New?

A new look and feel, plus an updated navigation for easier access to features like search, favorites and more
We’ve also made some general bug fixes and performance improvements.

On Details Page on Microsoft Edge On Play Store

The New Designs for the App

There are four new designs for the New Tab Page of the android browser.

Focused design focuses on top sites. It displays top sites on the top along with the search Box.

Inspirational design is inspired by what you search for. And it displays all the sites you visit most. Also, images of the day are also displayed.

Informational layout displays information first. And shows top sites along with new feeds and images of the day by Bing.

Custom layout can be user-specific, here the user has options to change what is to be displayed on the page.

This new step by Edge for its android browser will catch the eyes of some new users. I hope the new redesigned browser gets stable and works properly for us.

Though setting up the browser was quite an irritating experience. But afterward, everything got smooth and workable. I hope you might like the browser.

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