Microsoft Edge adds new Update Notification in its Menu

– Microsoft Edge browser has added an Update notification to its Menu

In the new update of Microsft Edge, a new update notification to its menu.

Download microsoft edge web Browser
Download microsoft edge web Browser – new updates

Microsoft Edge Web Browser

Microsoft Edge, a Chromium-based web browser by Microsoft is a default web browser for Windows OS.

New Update

Microsoft edge in its recent update to version 82.0.425.3, the browser added a new notification in the menu that shows that a new update is now available for the browser.

Microsoft Edge Update
Microsoft Edge Update – New update Notification in Edge

Google Chrome also has the same feature that shows notification of new updates and also prompts the user to download whenever a new update is available.

Before this, the user had to navigate to the about page from the setting to check for available updates but now the new update notification can be directly seen on the menu.

The notification update is available on Edge Dev version 82.0.425.3. This update bring forward some minor bug fixes and improvements.

This is all about the new edge update and the new notification feature prompted in it. Hope, this content is workable and you liked the information in it. If yes, share this to your firends who use Edge to make them aware of this new feature.

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