Instagram Gets Messenger Rooms for Instagram Support, Allows Video Calls With Up To 50 People

-New Instagram feature that allows 50 people video
Video calls in Messenger Room for Insagram
Video calls in Messenger Room for Insagram

In this quarantine period one thing which is bringing friends close is video calling. It keeps them feel great and the bond feels good enough. Also, people are working as work from home basic. Communication is little bit difficult but the video call is decreasing the hassle for communicating with employees.

A youngster tend to spend lot of time on Instagram and getting a feature to do a video call. But the limit of the video calling has ruined the fun. There is an update and we can easily be able to get it with us.

Instagram : Video Calling Feature

Instagram is one of the most famous social media sites in the world, with 500 million active users. So, the feature to do a video call is a great addition to it. The feature was available in the application for long but the usage of the application has greatly increased in the last 3-4 months. And seeing this demands and lags, facebook has started working on its new feature Messanger Room that allows adding up to 50 users video call.

Instagram now allows users to create Messenger Rooms using the Instagram Direct page. With this, up to 50 people can group video chat even if they don’t have Facebook accounts. Using the feature is pretty easy as well, here’s what you need to do.

Tweet from instagram official to show the 50 people Messenger Rooms

This Messanger Room for Instagram video calling has a great capacity to call up to 50 users in the same call. Facebook has added this to Instagram that make its video calling feature better from the one they provided in the WhatsApp.

How to create Messenger Rooms For Instagram

Here, are the steps that the above video from Instagram’s tweet elaborated to use the new Messenger room for Instagram:

  1. Open Your Instagram Application and go to Instagram’s (located in the top-right corner).
  2. On this page, click on the video call icon, click on create Room.
  3. Here, select users to whom you want to call and then send them invitations for the room to join the video call.
  4. Tap on Join Room to join the video call on this Messenger room, confirm the prompted messanger room joining in the messanger app.
Steps to create a messenger room for instagram
Steps to create a messenger room for instagram

This requires your Instagram to be connected to a Facebook account so that the messenger room for Instagram can handle up to 50 user video chat.

Finally :

This new feature of Messanger Room For Instagram that allows Video Calls With Up To 50 People is a great initiative by Facebook, But it would be better if they provide the same 50 user support for the WhatsApp one to as 50 user room meetings can be more popular as compared to Instagram one.

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