10 Certified methods to make $1000 per month| make money online

Make money online
10 certified ways to make money online

In this article, I will show you 10 ways to make money online and if you work efficiently you can earn up to $1000(₹ 70,000 ) per month. Earning this much requires patience and hard work but people are earning this some and more. You can also be one of them. You just need to start the right way. And choose one or two methods from this list and you can get you a thousand dollars per month.

One of our clients at Wiz It Solutions is Mr. Sudhir Sharma this blog IncludeHelp is earning more than 2 lac per month. People who work hard can achieve success. But if you really want to start making $1000 per month quickly you can contact me at [email protected] for help.

How To Make Money Online

10 Easy and certified steps to earn $1000

These steps are certified by me based on my experience in college life and researches. I was wondering which online activities can make me some good amount of money for my time that a spare online surfing internet or scrolling Instagram.

Online Survey

For students and people who just randomly surf the internet and want to make some bucks over the internet can do fill up surveys. Online surveys do not generate huge income but you can get from $1 to $20 per hour based on your profile.

You just have to write your opinions in surveys of your choice and you will be paid for that. Based on your profile and your interests you will get surveys to complete them and get rewarded in cash. If your profile is good you can earn high.

There are many sites that give you money to fill up surveys. These are TolunaLifePointsInboxPoundsOnepolli-SayOpinion OutpostPanel OpinionThe Opinion PanelYouGovPineconeSurveyBodsHivingPanel BaseProlificValued OpinionsSurvey JunkieNew Vista.

Make a website

If you can invert a bit of money and time. Then there is an amazing source of earning, create a website. A website is one of the most popular methods of earning by hustling nowadays. There are some methods by which you can earn after you get traffic( visitors ) on your website.

  1. Selling your own products like customized items, brand products, etc.
  2. Sell ads on your site using Adsense, paid advertise, etc.
  3. Do affiliate market and earn profit share.
  4. Selling guest post and sell service via your website.

Write and publish e-book

If you are a good Writer and have some amazing idea that the reader will love to read and would pay to read your work. You can make and publish an e-book on any topic you love to write. Selling this e-book directly to the user or on sites like Amazon, etc. There are many interesting topics that can get you paid traffic like health, travel, suspense to write a book and sell. Also, you can get paid for mentions of people, products, and blog of a brand and promote them.

You can easily write and publish an e-book on Amazon, it will take some share from your sales.

, it will take some share from your sales.

GPT and PTC sites

Get Paid To” and “Paid to Click” sites pay you money to tasks that are mentioned. Ads clicks, page views, completing surveys and downloading stuff can make money online for you. But this source does not yield much higher amount for you. But is good if just want some buck and you spend a lot of time scrolling the internet then it a very good option to yield side income for you.

Some sites that provide these services are  Qmee.com ,TolunaSwagbucks,  InboxPounds, clicksence, etc.

Affiliate Marketing

Selling a product of a brand and earn some incentive for your sale is one of the best side incomes. It works even when you are sleeping. If you have a great social presence, a blog with good traffic or some other method that can help a brand sell their product. Then you are eligible to earn from Affiliate Marketing. If you sell a product of $1000 you can get up to $50 per sale based on the percentage defined by the vendor.

Some common affiliate marketing is provided by Amazon, Flipkart, etc. And you can earn more than $1000 per month from this method based on your performance.

Start an online video channel

Videos are getting watch more and are more engaging than other contents. In recent years video content has far more audience retention and that why if you have viral video content companies are willing to pay you more for that. Also, advertising products can become more creative in video content.

You can start a video channel on Youtube, Twitch, or any other platform like Tic-Toc, Instagram. Earning methods might be different but all type of video blogging channels are good sources to make money online. For this, you need creativity, good camera (smartphones are equipped with that) and a laptop.

Give Paid Reviews

Often we have some good, sometimes expert knowledge in some field. Instead of wasting your knowledge you can use it to earn some bucks. By review articles, product, songs and other stuff you can get some money. Like we review blog posts and suggest changes in them before they are published to make sure good quality content goes to the audience.

Based on your skills, experience, and knowledge on the field your pay is decided. There are people who take up to $10 per post review.

Do part time jobs

As a student no job that you do to gain experience of real world is small. Starting from doing delivery to getting a part-time job in big companies their is huge scope for students.

Some common jobs available at part-time for an undergraduate is a tutor( physical or virtual), delivery, e-store worker, etc.

Become a FreeLancer

Freelancing is something that needs specialization in a field along with some basic experience and knowledge. There are a lot of opportunities available in the market for people willing to work and have a skill set matching the requirement. Also, freelancing gives you financial freedom and you can work in your own field and can earn as much as you can work.

Freelancing is very competitive when seen from the upper level but once for start getting a client and you do quality work. There are endless opportunities hanging there for you to grab.

Start a social media blog

Social media sites are places to relax and connect with friends in free time. But the development and time people spend on social media have changed it to a huge market to grab the audience and sell them a specific product. Based on their interests they see content on social media. This can be a great way to grab their attention toward a product or brand which can affect their decision in the future.

This interest based market opens a huge market for people who are famous at social media. Pages or people who are followed by thousands of people on social media are great sources of advertisement. Anyone can start social media accounts and become famous. And start earning using their social media blogs.

Social media like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn are great sources to earn by advertising a product.

These are our 10 certified methods to make $1000 per month. You can make more online by becoming specialized in some skills and getting better with time. Some people are earning huge sums from one of the above methods to make money online.

Comment which method you find relevant for you. And would you like to start making money online? If yes then comment if you want any special assistance from us based on any above-mentioned method. A mentor is required to do successful work.

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