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Reliance’s Big Announcements: Jio Fiber, Jio-Microsoft Partnership, Deal With Saudi Oil Giant Aramco

In the last conference, the CEO of Reliance Mr. Mukesh Ambani has come up with some great things for broadband users. There are great plans for users and some amazing news for you. If you opt-in for JIO broadband plan.

Jio Fiber: Faster Broadband service in India

Reliance Jio has exhibited Robust and record performance in the past two years. In the past year, Jio Sim card service has reached a whopping 340 million users. It is the fastest-growing digital services company in India. It has become India’s largest telecom enterprise with regards to subscribers, revenues and profits.¬†And one of the top telecom service providers of the world.

Less than a month away from Jio’s 3rd anniversary Mukesh Ambani has announced Jio Fibre with a costly investment of 3,50,00 crores. With a minimum incremental cost, 4G could see an upgrade to 5G soon. It introduced its extremely fast fixed broadband services for home and businesses establishments.

Home Broadband Services

Some Significant features of Jio Fibre:

  • Lightning-fast broadband speeds of up to one GBPS
  • Landline phone No additional cost and digital setup box
  • Virtual reality content
  • Smart home solution
  • Interactive gaming
  • Home security
  • Ultra high-definition entertainment
  • Multi-party video conferencing 
  • Voice-enabled virtual assistant

From the month of January this year, Jio started acquiring controlling stakes in three leading MSOs

  • Hathway
  • Den
  • GTPL

With the launch of Jio Fibre, it is stated to have a connection with over 30,000 LCOs. Reliance Jio has upgraded the infrastructure of these MSOs to the world-class standards. For providing a world-class experience, Jio offers LED TV. The Jio fiber customer with annual plans called Jio forever plans will receive HD or 4K LED TV and setup box for free, named the Jio Fiber Welcome offer. Mukesh Ambani declared that “Now LCO partners can offer the largest bouquet of high definition channels to customers with better features, reliability and customer experience than even DTH”. It possesses a feature of the most comfortable video calling from the TV screen. Also, it provides multi-party video conferences for free of cost. Video calling and Video conference come along with voice search feature.

Gaming Experience With Jio

Furthermore, it presents with an unlimited premium content with console-like gaming experience. It is distinguished for its first-ever online multiplayer network in India. Moreover, it supports all gaming controllers through a soft controller on the smartphone. Gaming graphics in this are on par with the best in the world.

Additional features in gaming are –

  • Multiplayer gaming from anywhere in the country¬†
  • Social gaming where friends can join through video conference
  • Zero-latency gaming experience

Customers could play games by top Publishers namely:

  • Tencent 
  • Game loft
  • Microsoft

Mixed Reality: Revolutionary Experience

Jio HoloBoard Mixed Reality Headset

Mixed reality is a revolutionary attribute which has use cases such as Shopping, Education and Entertainment. Shopping has 3D hologram designed specially in the MR lab. Education use-case enables studying in a virtual environment. Entertainment use case gives a theatre experience from the comforts of your home. The usage of specially designed headsets would enhance the experience. The headset named as Jio HoloBoard created by tesseract a Start-Up that Reliance has invested. The Jio HoloBorad will be available in the market shortly for an affordable price.


Firstly, On the third anniversary of Jio launch, 5th September Jio is set to launch Jio Fiber services on commercial basis across India. Starting from 100MBPS lowest fare to 1GBPS as the highest tariff. The price ranges between Rs.700-Rs.10,000 per month. Jio Fibre services are valued 1/10th of the global rate. Voice calls from home to any Indian operator mobile or fixed service is free of cost.

Global Call services-

  • Fixed-line international voice calling at affordable expense
  • Unlimited international calling to the US and Canada just for Rs.500 per month

Furthermore, With Jio Fibre premium service customers could watch new movies sitting in the house on the same day as the release date, called Jio first day first show. Awaiting its launch in the middle of 2020.

On the other hand, Jio postpaid plans came to the light which provides platinum grade service and product experience. Jio would launch its priority sim set up and MNP service connection. Therefore, one can replace their service without changing the number. Consequently, a service person will visit the home and do the process.

Services provided by Jio PostPaid plan:

  • Seamless data and voice connectivity across all the devices 
  • Unprecedented family plans with data sharing
  • International roaming attraction of cost 
  • Phone Upgrades at preferential rates
  • All home solutions on the screen of the phone 24 x 7 

Note: All the tariff details will be available from 5th September on Jio website that is jio.comand MyJio app.

Aramco Deal

Reliance strives to be a zero net debt company in the next 18 months. Post recent political events RIL decided to invest in the betterment of Jammu & Kashmir and Ladakh. It intends to create a special task force for development activities in Jammu & Kashmir and Ladakh.

Reliance reportedly would sell 20% stake in its oil and chemicals to Saudi oil giant Aramco for $15 billion. Also, nearly half of its fuel retail business to BP for a bulky Rs.7000 crores. Claimed to be the most significant foreign investment and one amongst the most substantial foreign investments ever in India. As a result, it covers refining and petrochemical assets and remainder stake the firm has in fuel retailing after selling 49% to be BP, he explained. After that, Mukesh Ambani also revealed that the company would be expecting to complete transactions with Saudi Aramco and BP within the financial year.

Aramco, the worlds biggest crude exporter, will then supply twin refineries at Jamnagar in Gujarat with 7 lakh barrels a day on a long term basis.

Subsequently, Reliance invested nearly Rs.5.4 lakh crore over the last five years to generate EBITDA above US$1 billion for over a decade.

Anticipated to induct in leading global partners in the next few quarters.

Jio-Microsoft Partnership

Some interesting Information for Microsoft Users and lovers :
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New feature in Microsoft Chromium Edge

Primarily 80% of a Start-Up cost goes in cloud and connectivity infrastructure. Reliance aims to take away this cost. Jio and Microsoft have entered into long term alliance to increase the digital transformation of India to launch a new cloud data center. By offering these services free for start-ups, Reliance intends to improve quality Start-Ups in India. To avail, register for custom design package on available from 1st January 2020. Reliance is willing to invest in Start-Ups with the potential to address India’s significant needs in agriculture, healthcare, education, and skill development.

Additionally, Mukesh Ambani talked about Reliance Retail. It is recognized as the only Indian retailer to be in the global 100 top retailers. Most importantly, in the next five years, it intends to be amongst worlds top 20 retailers.

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