Instagram Tips: How To Repost Instagram Story

How to Repost Instagram Story
How to Repost Instagram Story

Instagram is a huge platform with a large number of active audiences that makes is a perfect place for businesses and influencers to get connected with the audience. Brands can connect with customers and also build more trust in the brand by using posts and stories on Instagram.

Stories in Instagram

Instagram stories are a great feature of Instagram that can help people engage with the audience and also, build trust amongst customers who are interested in the brand. Providing the active audience of our Instagram page small insights into your brand, current project, and much more.

Instagram stories appear on your account for 24 hours. There are a lot of options in stories, like creating text stories, boomerang, image collage, Superzoom, etc. Along with this users can tag people, add locations, time, hashtags, emoji, and lot more. Also, Instagram provides you an option repost stories that your followers have posted and tagged you. In this way, you can repost testimonials and other user-generated content that was intended for your brand.

But reposting Instagram stories is a bit complex stuff. But don’t worry we will show you the process To Repost Instagram Story.

How To Repost Instagram Story

There are a few methods using which you can repost Instagram Story.

Repost Instagram Other Profile’s Images and Videos to Story

One easy method to repost Instagram story is to repost someone’s photo or video as your Instagram story. You can follow these steps to post Instagram stories:

  1. Open Instagram → Go to the post (image or video) that you want to repost.
  2. Tap on the share icon (next to the comment icon) → Tap on Add Post to your story.
Repost Instagram Other Profile's Post to Story
How to Repost Instagram Story

This can be only possible when the user has not disabled the option for sharing their post. But there is a method if the user has disabled the option for sharing their post. Though you should always that the permission of the owner of the content before reposting or using it.

A simple way to use the content with a disabled sharing option is by downloading the Instagram post and then sharing it on your story. Here, are full steps to do it,

  1. Open Instagram → Go to the post (image or video) that you want to repost.
  2. Tap on the three-dot icon → Tap on copy link.
  3. Visit, go to Tools → Instagram Downloader. On this page, you will get options to download photos, videos, profiles, stories, IGTV. Tap on download.
  4. Go to your Instagram account → tap on the camera icon -> select the images and then share.

How to Repost Instagram Stories in which you are Tagged

You can post Instagram stories from other users that have tagged you using the share Add to Your Story option. Here are steps to Do,

  1. Go to the Messages in Your Instagram, you will see message from accounts that have tagged you.
  2. Tap on the message that tagged you, Tap on option “Add to your story”.
  3. Add the story to your story.
Repost Instagram Stories in which you are Tagged
Easy Ways to repost Instagram Stories

Some ways to make your stories more Creative

You can make your stories more interesting and cool by adding some of these small creative elements to the story which reposting or creating a new one. Here are some things that you can do:

Add Emojis and GIF’s

GIF’s and emoji are a great way to make your stories cooler. By adding little emoji’s you can say the same thing in a lot more different and eye-catching way. Instagram offers a lot of emoji and GIF.

To add emoji’s to your stories, swipe up in your story, this will give you a lot of options where you will see an option named GIF which will add GIF, and on scrolling down you will get emoji options for your story.

Add Option For User to Interact

Instagram has added an option for it users to interact with their followers using the strories and engage more audience with their content. Interaction options provided by Instagram for its stories are :

  1. POLL
  4. QUIZ

All these options can be accessed in the stories by swiping up.

Add hand Written text and Custom Fonts

You can add more interesting and make your story personal by adding custom fonts and handwritten text in the story. There are a lot of font options and pen options in stories that’ll make them more personal.

This is all about How To Repost Instagram Story and make them more interesting for your followers to interact and engage with. By the way, we share a lot of creatives for Instagram on stories as well as posts. So, please consider following us on Instagram @techdiagnose for informative content on tech and gadget.

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