Instagram: Tips and Tricks To Master The Social Media Network

Over the last few years, social media has changed the face of the Internet. According to reports, there are 3.5 billion people using social media today. So if you are a brand, or trying to gain a following or want to advertise your products so that it can reach a wider audience base, you got to utilize social media platforms and use them to increase your presence. Here is a compilation of Tips and Tricks To Master The Social Media Network in 2020 to make your mark.

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Instagram: Tips and Tricks To Master The Social Media Network

Instagram: Tips and Tricks To Master The Social Media Network

1. Be active and know when to post

Posting rate at which you post content matters a lot! For continuous engagement, you should make 3-7 high-quality content posts every day. This way, your feed stays relevant and updated and catches many eyeballs. One should also know the appropriate time for putting up the posts. While there is no correct time, you can gain insights on viewer habits with the help of Insight feature of your Instagram account. This will help you identify when are your followers most active and you can post accordingly.

2. Tags: Use relevant Hashtags for your posts

Hashtags is a good way to gain followers on Instagram. Choosing the right hashtags can improve the reach of your posts. The added advantage of using “in-trend” hashtags is that there are so many people searching for them. It allows you to connect with and engage with social media users on the grounds of having a common theme or interest.

Posts that include tagging viewers can help you reach out a wider audience and engage them in a better manner. As a good example of this, leading food chain Zomato asks people to “tag their friends”. Since most of the people using the social media are youngsters, they are bound to tag their friends. Hence, your chances of getting views on the posts are increased.


3. Shout-outs: Grab audience attention

Shoutouts is when a social media owner gives reference to another account, page or channel and provides a link to it. The concept here is to advertise a product or a service to another person’s audience. For the shoutouts to be successful it is important to understand whom to give the shoutouts to. You need find people having similar work as yours or having a similar niche. Find an influencer who works in the same field or look for people who can sincerely recommend your products to their followers. Another common practice is when you pay other person for giving a shoutout to your product or service. It can help you reach a much wider audience, thus bringing you subscribers and followers.

Shoutout to other brands that will benefit your audience
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4. Utilise Instagram stories: Interact More with audience

Stories in Instagram and snapchat stories are probably the most well-known examples of real time activity on social media. These short interactive videos is becoming popular because they are fast paced to-the-point. These Stories can also be used to show behind the scenes content of your new music video or your latest workout video. Posts can also be made interactive with the help of Question and Answers, polls etc.

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Stories in Instagram…

5. Instagram live

Live in Instagram is a feature to connect with your followers in a direct, transparent, and authentic way by going an option to go live. It helps you to showcase the more human side of your business or behind the scenes side for your audience to connect with. Like Instagram stories, These can also be made more interactive with option to ask and post real time comments and questions.

Every time you go live on Instagram your followers get a notification, your live video will appear along with the Instagram stories. This helps you to be more discoverable. Additionally, your Instagram Live stays on your Instagram for 24 hours for your audience to catch up on. This and can result in a much higher view count, thus engaging more number of people.

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6. Know what’s trending!

Searching topics that are trending on social media is an important tool to  keeping your brand ahead in the competition. Developing your posts around the current events and affairs can allow you to create high quality social media content. It gives a good way to highlight your post and you can also capture the viewers’ mind. It can also act as a way to show you care! As an example, many companies are using ongoing Covid-19 pandemic situation to engage with the audiences. Zomato is a popular example of the same:

Zomato-Know what's trending

7.Promote your Instagram account on other social media platforms

Making use of only one platform can limit the audience you can reach. To be more discoverable, it is best to be active on multiple social media platforms so that you can find a way to link them.

For example, you can post your content on your twitter account and it can act as an ideal platform for sharing messages with attached links to your Instagram page. Likewise, you can use LinkedIn to publish links to your Instagram account.

Using multiple platforms can help you to take advantage of each network’s features and reach a wider base of audiences. A single Individual can use Facebook to keep in touch with friends and family, post business information on LinkedIn and post his travel stories on Instagram.

8.Promote Video Content

With our attention span decreasing, creating video content is a good way to engage clients. Promoting your ideas through video based is one of the most important trends this year. The amount of editing tools available now on the social media platforms are also constantly increasing, giving way for video based content to become the new norm of communication. So if you know how to create interesting, creative and engaging video, you are one step ahead in the game!

increase instagram engagement tips 2019
Image source: Instagram-video content

9.Use GIFs and Emojis

Whether you agree or not, GIFs are more appealing than pictures. It helps convey your ideas across in a better way. These GIFs are sometimes most cost and time effective than creating videos. With over 1 billion GIFs on the internet today, you can convey your message in a funny way. According to a study, emojis are used by 92% of the online population. Using emojis makes a text looks more attractive. Since most of the Instagram viewers are the younger population, using emojis will resonate well with them.

Social media is spreading like a wildfire and nowadays it has become important to increase your social media presence whether you are an established brand and are just starting out. These are the platforms through which you can make simple efforts and make huge gains mainly due to the enormous amount of population using them. Utilizing the given tips and tricks will help you do the same.

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