Instagram Reels launched globally in over 50 countries!

Reels launched globally in over 50 countries, Here’s everything you need to know!

Instagram has recently launched its own short video feature called Reels. This comes a few days after the famous and similar app TikTok was banned in India. Earlier, Instagram had copied Snapchat and introduced Instagram stories. Snapchat now has around 238 million daily active users whereas Instagram Stories have more than 500 million. Reels are being introduced in over 50 countries, including the UK, US, Australia, France, and others, and officially launching in test countries — India, Germany, and Brazil.

What is Instagram Reels?

Instagram reels launched globally in  over 50 countries
Instagram released Reels globally
  • Instagram Reels provide many features to develop short interactive videos of 15 seconds. It uses Editing features like AR effects, choosing to slow down or increase the speed of the video as well as setting timer and countdowns to shoot pictures.
  • In Reels,  if you like a song or audio, you can tap the music and select “Use Audio”. Users can also select their favorite music from a huge library or use their own audio.
  • Another notable feature is that you can also download Instagram reels. Share it with your friends and laugh or learn together!
  •  If your account is public, You can post your reel in the explore section, where it can be seen by a wider Instagram community. If you have a private account, you can share videos with your feed so that only your followers can see your reels.
Reels can be found in the Explore section of your Instagram

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Instagram Reels vs TikTok: Similarities and Differences

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Although Instagram has copied the concept from TikTok, the biggest difference between the two seems to be the length of video —TikTok allows videos up to 60 seconds, and Instagram caps them at 15 seconds.

Instagram Reels-Rising Popularity

Instagram reels can be used for business as well as education purpose. Many people have joined Instagram reels to promote their business be it travel, makeup or lifestyle. People who advertise their products or services through Instagram are able to reach a wider audience base and increase their popularity.

Though reals are good, you might want to get eid on them. Here is How to Remove Instagram Reels.

Posting educational content on a reels is a great idea— give your followers tips to stay healthy, teach them how to get the perfect photo, or show them how to style a dress in 5 ways. Short videos showing DIY tricks can be posted that capture audience’s minds and teaches them something new.

Many big brands like and Louis Vuitton and Sephora have been promoting their new collection through Instagram Reels. It was reported that luxury brand Louis Vuitton’s reels have gone viral with around 5 million views on average. These brands also tend to utilize the comments section to engage with their audiences.

Instagram has the capability of molding itself according to the needs of the customer and produce customized content according to the likes of the viewer. In that sense, reels are no less and paves way for a great future ahead. With all the available features and rising popularity, Instagram reels it is definitely worth a try!

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