Huawei Ban: Story behind Huawei Ban in the US

Huawei trade banned in US
Huawei Ban

One of the most heartbreaking news for tech lovers in recent days is the US has banned all trades with Huawei. Huawei is the world leading telecom product suppliers and is the world’s No. 2 smartphone manufacturer. Its a big blow to Huawei and its sub-brands that the US has banned trade with Huawei.

Huawei is the world leading telecom product suppliers and is the world’s No. 2 smartphone manufacturer. Its a big blow to Huawei and its sub-brands that the US has banned trade with Huawei.

In 2012, the US banned companies from using Huawei networking products due to the threat of sky and information leak by Huawei to the Chinese government. This also has an impact on its smartphones sale. It US usage of Huawei smartphone is nil whereas it’s market share in world sale is quite good.

Why Huawei got Banned

The ban on Huawei products in many countries is a major issue. Huawei is a China-based company and US authorities treat it as a threat to national security. i.e. it may leak out confidential information of countries to the Chinese government. This lead to outcasting of Huawei Products in some countries including the US. Huawei being blamed for intellectual property theft has been penalized and fined.

Due to this, the US government has ordered all the USA based companies to stop trade with Huawei. This has lead to a massacre for the Chinese company because many USA based companies currently provide necessary software and hardware to Huawei. Now Huawei will be deprived of these services and it can be a huge setback.

What issue Company has to face

Due to this block on trade between US-based companies and Huawei. Company has huge challenges coming in front. It imports many things from companies located in the USA. Hardware from companies like Intel etc. will have to be replaced by from other manufacturers.

The Major Problem lies here, Google is a USA based company and based on this order google support will not be available. This can be a huge setback as Mobile phones cannot function well without google support. Also, Android security update will also be unavailable for Huawei smartphone. And, without android OS many leading companies have been shut in the past. Utility software of an American company will also be unavailable. This will lead to reduced customer experience and could lead to the collapse of the brand in the future.

What Now: Steps by Huawei after ban

To deal with this thing the company may appeal to the government to at least provide the support. Sensing this treat Huawei was developing its own OS and has been working on it from the past few years. And users might get a Huawei operating System after the android patch will not be available.

Seeing the probability that the US would take actions like this one, Huawei is developing its own operating system. But, no other company then Apple is able to successfully run the mobile phone on their own operating system. Blueberry, Nokia has done this previously and failed miserably. So, this will be a huge challenge for the tech giant to make sure that their user’s baes would not get affected by this ban.

Also, Huawei manufactures a laptop that will be now deprived of Windows as Microsoft is also a US-based company. Also, there is a problem to hardware components that it was importing from the US. The import will now be stopped. However, the brand has stock for a few weeks and in the meanwhile, the management has to either try to restart the things and get work on track .or deal with other importers

Effects of Huawei Ban on Users

The user might experience reduced quality software because Huawei OS is not yet totally completed. Also, Huawei operating system might not be as efficient as android, users might have problems adapting with this new operating system.

Due to this ban on Huawei trade the company is facing losses. Users from China have also started boycotting US-based brand products like Apple. If this ban continues user of Huawei will be trouble.

As, of now the company products will get Google support of applications like play store, play games, etc. for 3 months and hardware products of the stock are available for usage. This ban is a big blow and we hope that everything gets well in some time. Also, a big and innovative brand will have to face issues and competition will be reduced in the market.

We have Huawei P30 pro in our best smartphone 2019 list. And such a good smartphone failing is not good stuff. But there are things that you can’t trust a Chinese company. being accused of breaking contract, stealing ideas, etc Huawei is no different.

Hope everything gets well soon in some time and the user will be comfortable once again. Comment your views on this ban and what will happen with Huawei after this ban. Share this article with your friends, might they will be going to buy Huawei smartphone and this article will help them.

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