How To Watch Youtube Videos Not Available At Your Country

Youtube now is becoming one of the most used video-sharing websites in the world. According to stats, there are over 2 billion users on youtube and it has total watch time of about 1 billion daily. I personally spend about 30 minutes daily on youtube watch tutorials, personal videos, etc.

Tough youtube is not available for everyone and free to use with ads. But there are countries and channels that do not have access to all. There are some restrictions to content so, here we are with ways to fix youtube not available at your Country Issue. You might also have experienced this issue on youtube with a message. There are also case especially for some Asian countries that youtube or their videos are blocked in your organization or country. But this issue can be resolved with these tricks and easy solutions.

It’s funny since the internet is supposed to be accessible to EVERYONE. That’s one of the reasons why we have many ways to fix the YouTube Not Available in Your Country error that you would have come across. You may have seen the message while trying to open certain videos. In the worst case, YouTube may be blocked in your entire country or the organization. Don’t worry, for all these issues, we have different solutions.

How To Watch Blocked Videos in your Country

Watch youtube videoes for news, songs, information, learning is becoming common as it tends to a more easy and versatile method to access information. But the issue of blocked content in your region is a problem that hinders our experience.

4 different methods to watch blocked youtube videos online

  1. Using Chrome Extension.
  2. By making small changes in the URL
  3. Using a Virtual Private network
  4. Using Proxy service

METHOD 1: Watch Blocked Youtube videos using Chrome Extension.

To overcome this issue of blocked youtube content the easiest method that does not require any technical knowledge and can be done by anyone is using an extension on Google Chrome(covering chrome because most of us use chrome). The extension is known as HOLA extension for chrome.

HOLA is free to use extension which lets you can the country of your system, technically its a VPN. Here, are the step you can follow to unblock youtube content.

  1. Download the Hola Free VPN Proxy Unblocker for chrome extension from the store. this will be added to your extension bar in Chrome.
  2. Then navigate to the blocked youtube video and then click on the hola button in your extension and choose your desired country in which the content is available.
  3. On reloading the page you will see your content is now available.

on using the Hola extension, you may see a slow browsing speed. But you will be able to content from any country.

METHOD 2: Watch Blocked Youtube videos by making tricky Changes in URL.

There are some brands and channels that restrict their content to a specific region or country only like BBC restricts content to the UK. To watch this type of blocked video an easy change is to be made in the URL. Here, are the step you can follow to unblock youtube content.

  1. Navigate to the blocked video you wish to access.
  2. take the URL of the video and change “watch?v=” with “v/“.
  3. The original URL of the video:
  4. you need to change it like:
  5. Now. it’s done you can watch this video without any issue.

METHOD 3: Watch Blocked Youtube videos by using VPN service

One more method to watch blocked youtube videos is by using virtual private network (VPN). This method will easily sort all sorts of content block issues that arise due to the country.

What is VPN?

VPS stands for virtual private Network it is a service that creates a virtual IP address for your system that is shown to other countries like you are surfing from another country like, if you are from INDIA you can choose to surf the internet from US or UK and view the content available for those countries only.

These VPNs are used to change the IP address of your system and will allow you to access country-restricted website and also add a layer of security to your browsing. there are a lot of VPN services available for free that can work on PS’s, Androids, iOS, androids, etc. though if you wish to have better services you can opt for paid VPN services.

METHOD 4: Watch Blocked Youtube videos by using Proxy service

You can use a proxy server in place of VPN which works almost in a similar way. You need to set up a proxy server which will help you access to the content by making youtube believe that it is being accessed from another country.

Watch Youtube Videos Not Available At Your Country Offline

you can view restricted youtube content by downloading it. This method eats up a little memory and internet for you but you have a copy of the youtube video with you.

On youtube, you can navigate to any video of your choice and then download it, using its URL. You need to copy the URL of the video and then add ss before youtube in the URL. The following steps show the exact steps you need to follow to download youtube videos.

  1. Navigate to the given URL and go to its URL and change the URL.
  2. The original URL of the video:
  3. You need to change it like:
  4. You will be navigated to a website known as where you can select the quality and format of video and click download to download it.

There are other websites too for download but I find this one handy.


Here are some methods that will help you watch youtube videos that are not available in your country or region.

Hope this information is quite helpful for you and now you will be to view any video from anywhere anytime. So, share this with your friends and help them watch their favorite content on youtube bypass the region access barrier.

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