How to use Whatsapp disappearing messages

WhatsApp has finally added the disappearing messages feature

Recently Whatsapp in India has brought up a new feature in the update, the feature is disappearing messages.

This WhatsApp disappearing messages will delete the message sent on WhatsApp after a certain period of time. Though this feature has arrived late in WhatsApp late after Snapchat and Telegram, it is one great and useful feature to make sure privacy is maintained.

You can get full details on the page on the WhatsApp FAQ about disappearing message or rather read this small interactive blogpost on TechDiagnose to get everything you need to know.

WhatsApp Disappearing Messages

How to enable Disappearing messages on WhatsApp
How to enable Disappearing messages on WhatsApp

The new feature of WhatsApp which is disappearing messages as arrived on android and ios in the last update. It will enable WhatsApp messages to disappear from chats after a period of 7 days automatically. You can use this feature to automatically make chats disappear for group chats as well as individual chats. This feature is by default not enables and you need to explicitly enable it for chats where you want your conversation to disappear.

How to enable Disappearing Messages Feature on WhatsApp

This new feature is available on the latest versions of WhatsApp and you need to update it to the latest version i.e. version for Android OS and version for IOS (iPhone). After this you can easily follow these steps to enable disappearing messages.

The process is same for both Android and IOS, i will attach screenshots for both.

Step 1: Open WhatsApp On your smartphone.
Step 2: Go to the chat you wish to enable disappearing messages on. Tap on the contact to view info.
Step 3: Scroll down to disappearing message and tap on it to enable the feature and it’s done.

Get more information about features in WhatsApp

So, that’s it about the new feature of Whatsapp which is the disappearing messages feature to automatically delete messages in WhatsApp chats after a certain amount of time.

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