How to use Twitter dark mode – easy Trick 2020

Dark mode in Twitter makes it a Bit more appealing look. Here is How to use it!
Twitter's dark mode
Twitter’s dark mode

Twitter is a social media platform that allows communication using Tweets. It was found on 21 March 2006 after which it gained popularity as one of the most used social media platforms with about 330 Million monthly active users.

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Twitter has now a new interface change which is the dark mode. This mode is an easy to use interface and also it gives you are fresh look which is quite appealing to the user, especially when used at night.

The night mode helps your battery too as the dark pixels need less power.

How to use Twitter dark mode

Twitter’s dark mode is a great feature that can change the way you interact with the application. So, here is how to use the twitter dark mode in your device.

Twitter Dark Mode for iOS and Android

Twitter’s dark mode for smartphone devices (Android and iOS) has two options :
First is the dark blue background (Dim mode).
Second is the black background (Lights out).

Both the UI’s are good looking and switching between then is also quite easy. To switch between the modes follow the following steps:

  1. Open twitter App and right slide the menu drawer and click on Settings and privacy.
  2. Here, tap on Display and sound, then go to Dark mode.
  3. From here, tap on dark mode ON and choose from Dim or lights out mode.
How to turn on Twitter's dark mode in Android
How to turn on Twitter’s dark mode in Android

The two different types mode that you can use in Twitter i.e. the Dim and Lights out mode.

Twitter Dark Mode for Desktop

In the twitter website for desktop, the dark mode has some more options for its users then are Color Scheme settings. You can turn on your dark mode using any of the two of Dim and Lights out and there is one more option with the colors that are used with the setting to make your experience more personalized.

The options available are:
Mode: Dim mode and Lights out mode
Colors: blue, yellow, red, purple, orange, green

Steps to run Twitter dark mode in desktop

  1. Open the Twitter website and open Setting and privacy from the more button.
  2. Tap on Display and then pick the color and Background from the options according to your choice.
How to use Twitter dark mode in desktop
How to use Twitter dark mode in desktop

This is a simple method to use Twitter’s dark mode in your device and enjoy this new dark mode setting.


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