How to Use Google Docs Offline: Create and Edit Document Without Internet

Google docs is a great tool for creating, viewing, and editing documents. It provides the same features as working on word and also gives an additional set of features to make your documents more appealing. Using Google Docs in offline mode, on the other hand, is becoming a necessity, be it when you are not in range of Wi-fi or traveling on a flight. This article gives you step by step explanation by which you can create and edit Google docs without an internet connection.

Google Docs - Use Google Docs Offline
With Google Docs, you can write, edit, and collaborate wherever you are.

How to Use Google Docs Offline

Google Docs is a really effective word processor that is OS independent and provided by Google. It’s basically an online tool but it can be used offline using any use any of these methods:

1. With the help of an extension

You can also use your google docs with the help of Google Docs Offline Extension that is available in the google chrome web store. Follow the steps given below to install and use it.

Step 1: Go to Click on the settings icon on the top right corner of your screen.
Step 2: Check the box beside Offline as shown in the fig. When you check it, it will give an option to download the Google Docs offline extension.

Available offline dialogue box
Google Docs – Available offline dialogue box
Installing Google docs offline extension
Google docs – Installing offline extension

Step 3: Click on Install. It will then take you to google chrome extension page. Add the extension to chrome.
Step 4: Your extension will be added.

Google docs offline extension
Google docs offline extension

Step 5: Now go to the document you want to create and edit offline. Right click on the document and toggle on ‘Available offline’ option.

Option to make document available offline
Option to make document available offline

This helps you to edit and create your google docs without internet. However, note that some functionalities like emailing will not be available offline. But you can still work on your documents easily.

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2. By downloading google drive on your PC.

You can also create and edit your documents by downloading the google drive. Follow the below given steps to do the same:

Step 1: Sign in to your google chrome. In the google chrome search bar, type ‘Download drive’.
Step 2: Scroll down and in Backup and sync, click on download. You will get the agree and download dialogue box as shown.

Agree and download dialogue box
Google Docs – Agree and download dialogue box

Step 3: Google drive gets downloaded on your computer. Check on backup and sync option. This option ensures that whatever activity you do on your google docs in online mode, it gets updated on google drive on the web too.
Step 4: After it has downloaded, you will be asked to sign in into your Google account.

Google Docs - Gmail sign-in
Google Docs – Gmail sign-in

Step 5: You will see the Google Drive icon on your desktop. It will have all the contents of your google drive on the web ie docs, sheets, etc which you can edit without an internet connection.

Google drive icon on desktop
Google drive icon on desktop

Finally: Create and Edit Document Without Internet

So, you have seen different methods to use google docs offline. And now, you can Google Docs create and edit documents without the internet and use it anywhere and everywhere. Comment below which tools from google you use daily and will it help you working with your docs offline.

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