How to unsend an email in Gmail

Gmail one of the most used email service developed by Google.  Gmail provides free storage for messages to its uses and helps them manage their emails using their Gmail account. Google is continuously working to make Gmail more useful and easy to use for its use. Aiming this Gmail has added a new feature to unsend or delete email after it has been sent. This feature will allow you to delete an email for both sender and receiver by the sender.

The feature to unsend an email that is wrongly sent or sent to a wrong email address is very effective for many of the users. This feature was available since long in Gmail. But the user has to activate this feature himself.  Now Google  has made this a standard feature for Gmail, so now you do not have to worry to activate  it manually it will automatically get started. But you should still go to your settings to customise this feature according to you. so here are steps on how to unsend an email in Gmail 

Steps to unsend an email sent from Gmail on web Browser

Step 1 : Sign in to your Gmail account. Click on The gear icon at the top right corner of your window. A menu pops up from this menu select settings.

Step 2 : This settings page has options to customize your Gmail account features. In the general section, you will find undo send section.

Step 3: In this section, you will find an option to adjust the send cancellation period. This is a drop down where you can select between  5,  10,  20,  and 30 seconds options. You can select any of these according to your needs.  I suggest you to maximize the time 30 seconds it will be more helpful to you.  Once finished, scroll down to end of the page and  save your changes. 

Step 4: Once you have completed with editing your settings give it a try, test your service. Compose an email and send it to yourself. Once you are done try reverting this message this message.

As your message will send you will see a pop-up. This pop will be saying ‘message sent’ with options to view the message and Undo. This popup will manage after some time ( 30 seconds max). This means you cannot cancel the message you sent after this time.

If you undo your message then your compose section will pop-up again with the email same as the time you sent it. You can edit this email to make adequate changes or you can discard this one and compose another new email.

How to unsend an email in Gmail sent from android or iOS

Unsending an email that is sent wrongly on an IOS or Android device is also very easy as on a website. On your Gmail App, you do not require to change any settings in order to activate this undo option. After sending your email you will see an option to Undo at the bottom of your screen. If you want to revert your sent mail click on the undo button and your email will be recalled. This button also shows up only for a few seconds so be quick(max 30 seconds).

This is a small trick that can help you very much. Sometimes we recognize mistakes after the email is sent, this feature of recalling your sent email is very efficient and can save you from this embarrassment and sometimes can save huge loss in business. This also saves time as you need to send another mail to the users in order to correct the mistakes. Instead, you can correct that mistake in the same mail if you recognize them within a few seconds. So follow the easy steps mentioned above and learn how to unsend a sent email using Gmail.

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