How to stream videos on twitch

Everyone wants to share memories with their friends. Sharing photos and videos are very important in today’s social world to show off what you are doing. There are users who want to show off their gaming skills, Vblogs, Live tutorial videos. For all this twitch is one of the best platforms. It is a great way to hit a massive potential audience. You just need to record your gameplay and you can reach your target audience using twitch by uploading it.

Using this article you can easily gain fame by steaming your work on twitch. To know how to stream videos on twitch just follow these steps and start your career as a gaming streamer. You can even earn from  streaming your stuff on twitch there is a future ahead as a streamer and you are just a step behind it.

Just follow these small steps to learn how to steam videos on twitch and become famous amongst your audience :

Step 1: Login to your Twitch account or sign up with email or Facebook.

Step 2: Get your stream key to start your stream, you can find it in your dashboard. Just copy that somewhere you will need it later.

Stream videos on twitch using OBS Studio.

  • Download and install OBS studio, its free software for both mac and windows. You can use OBS studio to capture, edit and stream videos on all popular platforms like youtube,etc.
  • After completing the installation, start the software. 
  • Go to settings ->click on steam ->click on stream service dropdown and choose twitch option. Now, enter the stream key in input box. And click on OK.
  • Setup your capture mode on resource manual click the “+”  button and then select game capture from the menu. Select the create new option, Enter the name for your stream and then click ok. Complete this wizard to complete your capture mode.
  • Start your game capture once you are completed with the configuration of the capture mode. Link it to get twitch streaming ID and start your game. In the settings, you can adjust the quality of the video according to your wish. Then hit the start streaming button and record your stuff. Once you have completed click on stop streaming to stop it.

Using Twitch Platform to gain followers

Using these easy steps you can start streaming your videos on twitch.  Streaming your videos which can engage a very large amount of audience to your channel and can you can gain audience and make your video go viral. The quality of video and the basics of Seo can can help you get your video listed.

Twitch is a free platform to see your videos online and reach your audience and make them learn from your videos. twitch contains ads also which can disappear at $9. This feature is known as twitch Turbo which is used by some Pro streamers. So if you wanna be as famous as shroud by streaming your gameplay you will definitely need to learn “ how to stream videos on twitch”. There are many softwares available but OBS  Studio is one of the best streaming software available on the internet for its users for free.

Twitch is the same platform as Youtube where you can share videos monetize them and get paid for views and ad clicks. I think you will like my article on How to download youtube videos

So if you have something entertaining for your audience that they will love to watch. It can be gameplay like pubg,  fortnite,  or it may be any other tutorial video  that will grab a huge amount of audience. Then  you should definitely stream it on twitch as it is becoming a great platform for people who want to share their stuff  specially  streaming.

If you wish to learn more on streaming on twitch and how to gain an audience. Just watch other popular twitch streamers and you can learn many new things from them. You can also try yourself to stream twitch as you can learn more back trying thanks and if you face any difficulties just mentioned in the comment section and we will be providing you almost every help that we can.

Try to build your audience twitch is a very good platform for that and you can gain a huge amount of users and that can make that can be converted into some amount of money. so twitch can also be a  good source of income if you are good at your things and entertaining too.

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