How to search google images by exact size

Google Images Removed exact size and larger than search filters

Google Images is a great platform to search and download images on the web. Recently, Google images has updated its algorithm and has let go of some of the features that were important in terms of search result filtering.

The Google images has a lot of utility tools that helped the user in filtration of the images. They are image-based filters like size, color, usage rights, type of image and upload date.

Search Google Images By Exact Size

How to Search Google Images By Exact Size
How to Search Google Images By Exact Size – Simple Tricks to Search Google images based on Size and Resolution

The advanced search options are helpful and the exact size and resolution of images are used to easily find images like logo’s, wallpapers, and other images. But now their is no such toll to find the exact size option of the image.

Here’s is a way to get the exact size of the Google image using a few simple tricks and tools. We will discuss them here.

Method 1: Using the imagesize in your search query

The exact image size Google search can be made using the imagesize operator in the search query. You need to enter the search query and then at after that you need to enter imagesize : width X height and then hit enter or search button to search for the image with the exact width and height.

Search Term - FootBall imageSize 1920x1080
Search Term – FootBall imageSize 1920×1080

In the search results, Google will display the results with images of the specific size we passed on. This search by size is a great feature and works in smartphones also. So, it can help you get amazing backgrounds for wallpapers and editing your DP.

Method 2: Using Advanced Search option in Google Images

You can use the advanced page to search for an image with a specific keyword, related keyword, size, color, aspect ration and many more options. And the search results will be related to the advanced search made.

To access the advance search mode, go to The page will have a heading Google, with sub-heading Advanced Image Search and multiple text boxes to fill based on find images with: all these words, exact word or phrase, etc.

Advanced Search options - Setting advanced options.
Advanced Search options – Setting advanced options.

So, searched for super-bikes and I wanted good resolution images for in the advanced search text fields I have to enter superbikes and the names of some brands, and as I need a high-resolution image so I have chosen the screen size accordingly. And made the search, see the results. By the way, I am a huge BMW fan and wish to buy an S1000 RR.

Advanced search options - Search result
Advanced search options – Search result

These are all the methods to search google images by exact size. I hope you find this article helpful and will get the best of the wallpapers you want. And if you want to edit your photos, and having issue in selecting the best tool here is Top Free Photo Editing Softwares.

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