How To Save Photos in JPG format in iPhone

– Save Photos in iPhone to JPG other than default HEIC

iPhones, we all know has a great quality of images output. Initially Apple used JPG for storing images by default which they changed after the introduction of iOS 11 to save space, the new format is HEIC (High-efficiency image Format).

The problem with this new image format is when you need to transfer these files to your laptop/ system. Here, these can’t be opened as HEIC format is not support by every system. And they are small in size which makes them a lot more difficult to convert it back to JPG. Also, their is no default option in iPhones camera app to change the default file format to JPG. But their is an option in the settings of iPhone to change it, Here is how to

How To Change Default Camera Format From HEIC to JPG

Using these steps, you can change the format from HEIC to JPG from setting.

  1. Open Settings in your iPhone
  2. Tap on Camera with options like Formats, Grids, Preserve Settings and Camera Mode.
  3. Tap on Formats -> Select Most Compatible changing it from High Efficiency.
  4. This will change the default photo format to JPG instead of default HEIC.

This will change the format of the photos to JPG form now but the previously saved photos will be saved in HEIC only and the format will not be changed.

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