How to Run Windows Apps on Mac

Quick and Easy ways to run Windows apps on Mac

The OS Battle – macOS vs Windows is one of the biggest topics of debate between tech geeks and experts. It comes down to a vast variety of software available for windows Vs the easy and handy task completion in Mac. Both are great operation systems and have their own capabilities but if you switch from one to other their are major challenges that you have to face as there is a huge difference in working of these.

Here, we will discuss what if you have switched to mac for windows or want some applications of Windows that can perform your task on your Mac. For you we have got how to run Windows Apps on Mac easily.

Ways to Run Windows Apps On Mac

Not everyone is fond of using MacBook for obvious reasons, there are applications that are developed for Windows and are not easily available for Mac. Sometimes you might want to have these apps and are important for your work but they are not available on Mac. This can be a big issue but don’t panic we are here to solve this issue for you and help you in running Windows Apps On Mac.

Here are a few things that you can do to run your Windows app on Mac. There are a few hack and trick that can help and you can run apps by

  1. Find an alternative application that is compatible with Mac
  2. Using Emulators via Wine
  3. Running Apps on Virtual Machine
  4. Install Windows using Apple Boot Camp

1. Finding Alternative Applications For Mac

One of the Quick and easy ways out is to find a similar application for Mac that can perform your task. As I mentioned above that not every application is available on Mac but there are other applications on mac store or internet that can be helpful for you and can do the exactly same task.

It might consume some time for you to get habituated with the application but yes it is a good option that will save lot of extra work and overhead installation that we will discuss later in this article.

There are lot of applications available for Mac on the Mac store just search them out and most of the basic utility tools are free to use unless you need some extra and special features.

You might not know that Apple has these common applications for its Mac OS: Microsoft Office, Adobe Photoshop, Chrome, VLC, WinZip, Skype, etc. There is a lot of utility software for Mac that can be helpful for you.

2. Using Emulator via Wine

You might be knowing what emulators are but in case you don’t. Emulators are software that is used to run applications of other OS by creating an environment for running them.

Wine is compatibility later capable of running Windows apps on Mac, Linux, BSD” – Src: WineHQ.

This tool called Wine is used to run Windows Apps on Mac Os using some other compatibility layers like CrossOver that help it to run Applications that were meant to run on Windows work on macOS.

You need to download and install the application here. Once you install it you can install software with ‘.exe’ extension from your finder. And then you can work on your Windows application on Mac which will be working through the wine layer. So, using Wine does not require a windows license key as you are not actually running a Windows OS, this makes this method less costly but you need to buy the license of Wine.
* Also, there might be some glitches in working of some tools and Softwares with Wine. You can check from the list of compatibility available on their website.

3. Running Apps on Virtual Machine

A Virtual Machine is an emulation of the operating system. They are virtually running another Operating system on the top of your OS.

Running Windows Apps on Mac is quite easy using the Virtual Machine, it creates the environment for the application such that they are running on a computer but actually the computer is a virtual one used to run the software, game or tool.

There are lot of virtual machines creating software’s that are available for free and some are paid tools too. Some common software are Oracle VM VirtualBox, VMWare Fusion, Parallels Desktop, WinonX. So, one more thing you need is a Windows OS installation drive (Bootable drive) which will be used to install the virtual OS.

Now, to set up your virtual OS, you need to install the VM tool on your mac and then do a normal installation of Windows OS. After this using the virtually created windows, you can run any Windows software. There are lot of things that are implemented in paid tools to ease the work. Like parallels, Desktop allows you to open any application of virtual OS in the real OS by disk mapping which increases the load on the drive but eases the user’s working experience.

There are some issues with this method too as nothing is perfect.
1. You need a licensed version of Windows for everything to work properly.
2. Virtual Machine uses the resources of the actual system as physical hardware is the same so, it increases the load on the CPU and GPU and eats up huge RAM for the working of two OS. This downgrades the performance of the virtually created systems depending upon the resources available.

4. Install Windows using Apple Boot Camp

Apple Boot Camp is a utility tool for MacBooks that is used to dual Boot Windows on MacBooks. The dual boot assistant helps you in installing a Windows Os and makes the process easier.

Boot Camp Assist to Dual Boot Windows on Mac
Boot Camp Assist to Dual Boot Windows on Mac

You need the Windows OS installation drive (Bootable drive) which will be used to dual boot your system. The boot Camp assistant will help you in the installation. One thing you need to keep in mind is the smart allocation of space to the operating system as MacBook users usually use less space-variant. Also, you need to choose the primary/default OS. Then complete the installation process to DUAL BOOT YOUR MAC OS WITH WINDOWS.

Now you can use Windows apps on Mac and CPU and other resources will not be overloaded. This will happen a lot when you use virtual OS. One issue could be of space and you need to reboot your system to switch OS in this case.


So, these were some ways to easily use Windows Apps in Mac. These will help you get the fullest of your system and never think I wish I could work with that. The list is from the easiest to more complex ways. And I think finding an alternative is a better thing unless you need a specific environment to do your job.

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