How to Restore All Tabs in Safari

Sometimes, by mistake we close the browser windows or tabs while working, which might be important for our work. And restoring the browser windows or tabs is something important for users. So, here’s how to start from where you left on Safari.

Remembering which tab was last opened in the browser is very difficult and I usually forget where I left, though I never close any Window or shut my Mac. But sometimes by mistake when I close my tab or window surfing back. The history and restoring closed tabs seem a little bit time-consuming. I researched by Safari browser and found a solution to this. After which I wanted to share this information with you all. So, I have shared with you to Restore Closed Tabs in Safari.


Safari Browser
How to restore tabs in Safari web browser

Safari is one of the most popular web browser which is developed by Apple. and is primarily used in Apple’s devices like MacBook’s, iPhone and iPads as primary browser. It share nearly 18% of the user share.

Restore All Tabs in Safari

Apple provides you a feature to restore any tab that you have accidentally closed in Safari browser but you need to know the exact key shortcut for this or where to go to undo the error.

How to restore a tab closed in Safari

If you have accidentally closed a tab in safari and you need to restore the tab there are two methods to this.

  1. Undo the operation, if you have accidentally closed the current working tab, you can immediately restore it by pressing Command + Z.
  2. ReOpen last close tab option: If you, later on, find the last tab you have closed was important to you and need to open that tab you can do it using the ReOpen last close tab option by either pressing Command + Shift + T or by history -> ReOpen last close tab.
How to open recently closed tab in Safari
How to open recently closed tab in Safari

How to Start from where you left on Safari?

If you have closed all tabs from Safari or have shut down your mac and in the next session you want to restore all the tabs from where you left then we have few options for you.

Set the preferences to open all windows for last session by following these steps :

  1. Open Safari -> click on safari in the menuBar.
  2. Select preferences… (keyboard shortcut: Command+,)
  3. This will open the setting window with general tab active.
  4. Here, you will see the safari opens with the option dropdown, where you have to select All windows from last session or All non-private windows from last session.
  5. After this when you will close the tab and reopen it you will find all the tab’s that you had closed recently.

One more option is History -> reOpen all tabs from last session.

This was all about how to Restore Tabs in Safari and start from where you left on safari. Here is some more useful information about web Browsers and mac that might be helpful to you:

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